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Over 500 new iPhone and Android emoji revealed – can you work out what mysterious face means?

Over 500 new iPhone and Android emoji revealed – can you work out what mysterious face means?

MORE than 500 new emoji could be coming to your smartphone very soon.

The group in charge of all things emoji have revealed proposals for some 578 new sequences.


Draft designs for new emoji expected later this yearCredit: Jennifer Daniel / Unicode

They mostly consist of alternative directions for existing illustrations – such as a train facing left and right.

Decision makers from the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee are also looking at different family compositions to factor in more kids and even pets.

These apply to the group emoji where parents and a maximum of two children are shown.

But there are also some completely new emoji in the running.

Just six are currently being drafted, including two faces.

They are meant to represent nodding gestures – one for yes and one for no – with an appropriate swish around the heads to illustrate them.

A mushroom is also being added – and if you’re thinking there’s already one, you’re correct.

But the fresh mushroom is specifically designed with a non-poisonous colour, unlike the Mario-esque one we currently have.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a lime, a broken chain and a phoenix.

The list was revealed by Emoji Subcommittee Chairperson Jennifer Daniel and the designs could change.

They should be officially approved come September 2023, according to Emojipedia.

It’s then the responsibility of smartphone makers and software owners like Apple, Samsung, Google, WhatsApp and the rest to develop them onto their platforms.

This means it can take several months for them to land.

Last year saw loads of new emoji arrive, including a pregnant man and a flirty biting lip.

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