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New Unique feature in WhatsApp Business: Details of Business Companies under the name “Business Nearby”

New Unique feature in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

The popular chatting app has nothing special to say about the worldwide craze. This app is so important because it caters to the needs of the users with new features. It is known that WhatsApp not only sends messages and videos but also brings business specifically for merchants. This app is very useful for traders. However, WhatsApp has recently come up with a special feature in the business app. WhatsApp is preparing to bring a Google Maps-like feature. This new feature is called ‘Business Nearby’.

Many merchants have already registered with the WhatsApp Business App. Meanwhile, with this new feature brought by WhatsApp, you will have the opportunity to search for businesses near you. This will make it easier for users to purchase the products they want. It is going to be useful for traders as well. WhatsApp has already released this feature ‘Business Nearby’ feature in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will soon be available to everyone. We need to see what kind of wonders this feature that WhatsApp is bringing will create.

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