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A new YouTube Music feature will soon let you “save” your queue as a playlist.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has gradually absorbed many useful features from the now-defunct Play Music service. This trend is expected to continue as YouTube Music adds yet another Play Music feature that makes it easier to save songs in your queue.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube Music is introducing a new “save” button in the app that allows you to save your song queue as a playlist. When you’re listening to an album or a playlist on YouTube Music, the Now Playing screen displays an “Up Next” tab in the bottom left corner, which displays a list of upcoming songs. The new save button appears in the Next Up tab and allows users to quickly save the entire song queue as a playlist.

Tapping the “save” button opens the “Add to playlist” dialogue, where you can save the queue to an existing playlist or create a new one. The feature should also apply to radio queues.

The new save button in the Up Next tab has not yet been widely implemented. It’s most likely a server-side rollout, as I couldn’t find it in the most recent version of YouTube Music. We’ll update this post with more information as this feature becomes available to more users.

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YouTube Music has a new widget that allows you to access playback controls and recently played tracks directly from your home screen. The app has also gained a new Energize mood filter to help you boost your energy after a long day or when you’re feeling unmotivated. Other notable additions to YouTube Music in recent months include free background playback in select regions, community-generated playlists, a Material You widget, and more.

Have you tried out YouTube Music’s new save queue as a playlist feature? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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