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Warning for millions of Switch owners – your console could be at risk of getting bricked

NINTENDO has issued a warning to Switch owners to prevent their consoles from damage.

The message was shared on Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter account warning owners against a common practice.


This is the image that came with the warning.Credit: Nintendo

Hardcore gamers will not have to worry about their Switch, but the warning goes out to more casual Switch players.

The warning states that those who don’t use their Switch often need to continue charging their console even when it’s not in use.

If you do not regularly charge your Switch up to full, then the battery is at risk of dying.

This would mean that the console would be unusable, even when attached to the TV.

The warning applies to all versions of the Switch including the Switch Lite, original Switch, and the Switch OLED.

As translated by GLHF the tweet reads: “The Lithium-Ion battery inside the console is at risk of failing if it is left unused for a long time.

“Please make sure you charge your battery at least once every six months.”

You don’t need to play your Switch in order to keep the battery healthy.

Rather, you have to ensure that you fully charge your console once every few months.

Many people keep their consoles to play their favourite games, but go through long periods of not using it.

Particularly, if they have other consoles that they prefer to play.

However, if you make sure that your Switch is charged occasionally to make sure that it always works when you need it.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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