Railway: Now it will be convenient to travel by train with small children; Railways took a big decision! | Now it will be convenient to travel with small children in the train.


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Indian Railways has taken big steps for the safety of passengers. It will now be convenient for women traveling by train to travel with small children. For this, the railway department has started bedroll facility.

Mumbai : During the Kovid period, instructions have been given to re-open the bedroll facility which was closed in the train about 2 months ago. After that the facility of providing bedroll in AC coach was started. However, this facility is still available in all trains (Available in all trains) Has not been done, so the train passengers have to suffer a lot. Also, after booking the train, the train in which the journey (Travel by train) It is not known whether the train has bedroll facility. But IRCTC has now solved this problem. Which will let you know which train you are going to travel in. It has bedroll facility (Bedroll facility) Or not? You will get information about this. Women traveling with small children will now be provided with a small bed-sized seat for children, adjacent to their own seat. This will make it easier for women to travel with small children.

No facilities in many trains

Curtains were also removed from AC compartments to prevent corona infection, and blankets provided to passengers were also discontinued. However, as soon as the third wave of Kovid was over, the Railways started installing curtains in the AC compartments of the trains for the convenience of the passengers and also introduced the facility of bedroll, but still this facility is not available everywhere.

After booking the ticket, you will get the information

After booking the ticket, IRCTC sends a link to your mobile number. This will allow you to know if the train you are traveling on has a bedroll. Railways has so far restored bedroll facility in more than 950 trains.

Update from this link of IRCTC

By clicking on the Indian Railways website, you can know before you travel how long the bedroll facility is available in the train you are going to travel. After clicking on the website, the option of open will appear. You open it and full details will appear on your screen with just one click.

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