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Old iPhone just sold for £30,000 – do YOU have the same model at home?

AN unopened original iPhone has fetched £30,000 at auction 15 years after it was first released.

The first generation device was sold for $35,414, complete with box and factory sealed.


First generation iPhone sold in original box and factory sealCredit: RR Auction
First iPhone was released back in 2007


First iPhone was released back in 2007Credit: RR Auction

It’s not unusual for old iPhones to reappear but rarely are they found in their original packaging in such good condition.

The smartphone only has 8GB of storage – minuscule compared to the minimum 128GB available on today’s iPhone 13.

On the packaging there’s a life-size image of the iconic smartphone which changed Apple forever.

12 basic apps are shown on the tiny 3.5-inch screen.

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Experts say this particular model is probably from the earliest production, as the iTunes app isn’t shown yet.

It followed soon after and was eventually added to packaging.

“iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,” late Apple boss Steve Jobs said when he announced the device in January 2007.

The very first iPhone only cost £269 way back.

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It was auctioned as part of a special ‘Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware’ curation put together by specialists RR Auction.

They also sold an unopened first-generation original Apple iPod (5GB) sold for £21,000.

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Although you probably don’t have an unboxed original iPhone lying around, you can still make a tidy sum for other retro Apple products.

Some ageing iPhones, iPods and Macs that were top-of-the-range a few years ago could now be worth thousands.

First iPhone only had 8GB storage


First iPhone only had 8GB storageCredit: RR Auction

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