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Inside incredible 24-hour PARTY SUBMARINE where 120 guests can dive to 650ft with onboard bar for ultimate night out

CLUBBERS bored with their regular haunts are being offered a unique alternative – a party submarine.

The raves beneath the waves can go on for hours and there’s no danger of unwanted gatecrashers turning up.


The submarine has huge windows and powerful lightsCredit: SWNS
The vessel can dive down to 650ft


The vessel can dive down to 650ftCredit: SWNS
When it's on the surface, the party continues on the deck


When it’s on the surface, the party continues on the deckCredit: SWNS

The Underwater Entertainment Platform, as the concept vessel is known, can take 120 guests down to 650ft.

Makers U-Boat Worx promises the private submarine will host the most “prestigious and memorable events on the planet”.

Private submarines are not new but currently they are small craft with those on board strapped into seats.

On the party submarine they will be able to walk around just as they would aboard a yacht or cruise ship.

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At the just 3mph the top speed is no great shakes but the batteries can keep the submarine going for up to 24 hours.

There’s 14 huge 15ft windows that gives partygoers, who can drag themselves off the dance floor, amazing views of the murky depths with the help of powerful spotlights.

As well as a club, the submarine’s 1600sq ft interior can also be configured as a restaurant, casino or conference venue.

And it’s also being touted as the place to have the ultimate wedding .

When the boat is on the surface, there’s a sun deck for revellers to get some sun or admire a beautiful coastline. 

There is of course the understandable question of safety so the submarine carries an emergency power keeps critical power systems going for four days.

The makers are confident that’s enough time for all the occupants safe until they can be rescued.

“The UWEP will shake up both the submarine and hospitality industry and lead the way in bespoke underwater events,” said U-Boat Worx’s founder and CEO Bert Houtman. 

“We will not only present a stellar experience for the most discerning clientele, but also a business opportunity that will benefit entrepreneurs and contribute to our understanding of the oceans.”

U-Boat Worx has been building submersibles since 2005 and has sold around 50.

So far all its creations have been relatively small vessels carrying two to seven people.

The submarine is currently just a concept but U-Boat Worx is confident of finding a buyer to make it a reality.

The vessel is not the only fantastic private submarine concept on offer.

A massive 928ft vessel that can carry 80 guests and comes with its own helicopter, swimming pool and Bond-villain style mini-submarines is on sale for £1.6 billion.

The private submarine superyachts on offer from Migaloo are able to do everything their military counterparts can – except sink ships or launch nuclear missiles.

They can dive to 1500ft and stay there for weeks at a time with the designers even boasting they can sail under the Arctic.

Meanwhile, a £1.3 million Batman-style armoured private submarine has gone on sale.

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The Kronos submarine can accommodate ten passengers and is suitable for commercial, rescue and combat operations.

The futuristic hydrodynamic design features folding wings for transportation.

SAS Who Dares Wins star Amber Gill says she ‘looks like a heifer’ in bikini pics
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It also has “an innovative hull design which significantly reduces fuel consumption, increases maximum speed, and provides superior stability.”

At nine metres long, the manta ray-shaped submarine can hit 80kph on water and 50kph under the waves.

The stylish bar area of the party sub


The stylish bar area of the party subCredit: SWNS
The vessel can also be used as a restaurant


The vessel can also be used as a restaurantCredit: SWNS
The submarine has a 1600sq ft interior


The submarine has a 1600sq ft interiorCredit: SWNS

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