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WhatsApp Paid Service | Pay for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook usage, what is the company’s plan? | Pay for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook usage what is the company plan

WhatsApp Paid Service | We share instant feelings, opinions and thoughts on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. He has no obligation whatsoever. But soon it will be time for you to bind yourself. Because using these social media can soon cost money.

Now count the money

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WhatsApp Paid Service | WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook Above we present immediate feelings, opinions and thoughts. He has no obligation whatsoever. But soon it will be time for you to bind yourself. Because using these social media can soon cost money. Meta (meta) Paid features for users soon (Paid Features) There is a possibility to start. In social media (Social Media) The giant company is likely to setup a new product. This new paid features unit is headed by Prati Roy Chaudhary. Prior to that, he has been the head of Meta’s research unit. Snap And Twitter has already launched paid in services earlier. So users Twitter Blue And Snapchat+ Benefit from these services. Not only this, but this social media is also a special service for the users (Exclusive Services) provides.

What is the plan?

The Verge has given a report on this. Accordingly, Meta is launching a separate section for paid features. New Monetization Experiences This section will be named. WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook This department will be responsible for collecting revenue from This team will be under the responsibility of unit head Prati Roy Chaudhary. This information is given in the report from the internal correspondence of the company. This is not the first time that the discussion of paid services has been discussed. Earlier, the talk of starting a paid service on this social media app had caught the attention of the readers. There is no official information yet on how this paid service will work.

Company emphasis on advertising

The company is focusing on pulling the ad. The company is focused on advertising business. Currently there is no intention to collect money from users. Head of Business and Promotion Department in an interview John Hegeman He explained the policies of the company. He explained that there will be increased focus on advertising business growth.

Earnings from digital ads

Snap, Twitter, Meta A major portion of their revenue comes from digital advertising. Through paid features, the company can generate revenue without advertising. This will be a new way of earning. Users of Snap and Twitter have to pay for some services.

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Twitter Blue service is available after registering for Twitter’s registered services. For that the user has to pay $4.99 which is Rs.400 every month. So Snapchat+ Users have to pay a service charge of Rs 49 every month for its services.

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