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PlayStation predicts disappointing PS VR2 sales as production is slashed in half

PlayStation predicts disappointing PS VR2 sales as production is slashed in half

PLAYSTATION has announced it will halve the number of PS VR2 headsets following disappointing pre-order sales.

The company initially predicted a huge launch for its latest VR headset, despite the original’s disappointing launch.


The headset comes with two special controllers.

It took five months for the first PS VR to sell a million units, with sales reaching 5million over the headset’s lifetime.

However, PlayStation predicted bigger sales for its upcoming headset, which has hardware that’s in line with premium PC-based VR tech.

PS VR2 relies on consumers who own a PS5 and want to play the upcoming VR titles on their current-gen console.

While PS5’s have been difficult for people to purchase, Sony recently announced that the console will no longer suffer from stock shortages.

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Due to increased production of the PS5, Sony was preparing to create 2million PS VR2 headsets in time for its launch.

However, according to a report by Bloomberg, PlayStation has told its manufacturer to slash production in half, following disappointing pre-order sales.

Only a million headsets will now be produced for the first quarter of sales.

Pre-orders started in November, ready for the headset’s launch on February 22, 2023.

PlayStation fans were disappointed when the price of the PS VR2 was first announced, as it’s more expensive than the most expensive PS5.

The disc-based console recently received a price increase, and consoles now sell for around £480.

However, the headset is even more expensive than this, priced at £529.99 ($549.99).

This could be one of the reasons for poor pre-order sales, as the most popular VR headsets currently on the market come at a lower cost.

The most popular headset available right now is the Meta Quest 2, which retails for £399.99.

This headset sold 3million units at launch, which is possibly one of the reasons why PlayStation previously predicted a big launch for its upcoming VR headset.

PlayStation recently announced 32 games that will be available for PS VR2’s launch, though few are exclusives.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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