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Gamers are furious over price increases on popular games

SONY has raised the prices of some of its PlayStation games on PC digital storefront Steam in a number of regions, drawing anger from fans around the world. 

PlayStation games have been making their way over to PC more frequently over the last few years, with a number of high profile titles now being available on Steam. 


Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the games that got a price increaseCredit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In most cases, these games are priced similarly or even slightly below their console counterparts, but that seems to have changed in some countries. 

PC users are reporting that Sony has raised the prices on their games on Steam in half a dozen countries, mostly in the Americas and Asia.

Gamers in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, China, Japan, and South Korea will all pay more for PlayStation games on PC. 

Prices in these countries have increased by anywhere from 5 to 60%, depending on the game and the region. 

Games affected include Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Days Gone, God of War, Returnal, and Little Big Planet spinoff Sackboy. 

So far, it looks like gamers in the UK will not be affected, but price changes on Steam sometimes take a little while to roll out. 

On gaming forums, avid PlayStation fans were furious about the increase, calling Sony ‘greedy’ and ‘anti-consumer’. 

One commenter on Reddit said: “Greedy corporations continue to be greedy? News at 10.” 

Another said: “Sony is one of the greediest and most anti-consumer companies out there, I love the exclusives but these guys are greedy.” 

Last year, Sony also raised the price on PlayStation 5 consoles in all regions except North America, making the console £30 more expensive. 

At the time, the CEO of Sony Interactive said that the reason for the increase was due to high global inflation and challenging economic conditions. 

A few months later, Xbox joined PlayStation in raising its prices, this time instead focusing on the price of games, with new Xbox games now costing £70. 

Sony has not commented on the price increase of its PlayStation games on PC storefronts like Steam, and other non-Sony games don’t seem to have been affected. 

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