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Plugable’s new dock turns your tablet or phone into a workstation • TechCrunch

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Laptops and tablets are getting better and more powerful by the day but our fingers aren’t getting any more precise, and for extended writing and work, it’s still more helpful to have a keyboard and a larger screen at hand. These types of products have been around for at least a decade, but what’s new about Plugable‘s offering is the sleek portability and build quality that makes your phone and tablet so portable in the first place.

The USB-C docking station is called UDS-7IN1, and enables the users of supported devices to turn their phones and tablets into workstations. The device adds an HDMI port to connect a monitor, alongside a couple of USB 3.0 (5Gbps) ports, SD and microSD ports, an audio input/output jack, and 100W USB-C pass-through charging to keep everything powered and on charge.

The stand is built of aluminum, and folds down to a pretty compact little package to take with you on your travels.

Supported devices are most modern USB-C tablets, and select phones, and the device can be purchased for $69 starting today.


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