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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Greninja Raid: Move set, nature, counters

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Greninja Raid: Move set, nature, counters

POKÉMON Scarlet and Violet has announced the third target for its seven-star tera raids, the Water-type starter Greninja.

It will come with a Poison-tera type, and be available for two separate weekends.


Gastrodon is a great counter.Credit: The Pokémon Company

Greninja will be available from Friday, January 27, until Sunday, January 30, and again from Friday, February 10, until Sunday, February 13.

Here are the possible movesets, abilities and counters for Greninja raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Greninja move set, ability, and nature

Greninja is a fast mixed sweeper, with good offences and speed, and poor defences.

It has mostly a special move set but it has Night Slash for those with weak physical defences.

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It learns Double Team so a move like Clear Smog is necessary to hit.

Greninja comes with the ability Protean, though this doesn’t trigger in a Tera Raid.

The Mightiest Greninja – Level 100

  • Nature – Sassy
  • Ability – Protean
  • Item – None
  • Tera-type – Poison
  • Move Set – Ice Beam, Night Slash, Double Team, Toxic Spikes, Gunk Shot, Hydro Pump

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Potential Greninja counters

Greninja opens with Double Team and Toxic Spikes. It’s good to have a Poison-type and something with Clear Smog on your team to counter this.

While most of its attacks do special damage, if it sees you have high special defence it often ends up spamming Night Slash.

It’s important to be prepared for both possibilities, Covert Cloak is also good to prevent Freeze and Poison.

West Sea Gastrodon

Gastrodon’s Storm Drain will redirect Water-type moves away from the rest of the party, while also boosting its special attack.

It also learns a good number of support moves, as well as Ground-type attacks which will be powerful against the Poison-tera Pokémon.

Gastrodon also provides good bulk to keep it healthy, and if your partner attacks it with Water-type moves it can boost quickly.

West Sea Gastrodon – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm HP and Special Defense invested
  • Ability – Storm Drain
  • Item – Ability Shield
  • Tera-type – Ground
  • Move Set – Earth Power, Recover, Amnesia, Clear Smog


Steel-types are very strong against a Poison-type foe, and will resist Toxic Spikes if knocked out.

Klefki also has one of the most impressive support sets of any Pokémon paired with Prankster to make up for its poor stats.

It also resists Greninja’s entire moveset making it an especially strong counter.

Klefki – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm HP and Special Defense invested
  • Ability – Prankster
  • Item – Ability Shield
  • Tera-type – Steel
  • Move Set –  Reflect/Light Screen, Rest, Calm Mind, Stored Power

Paldean Tauros Aqua Breed

Anger Point is a strong ability which maximises attack when hit with a critical hit from a move like Night Slash.

It also learns Smart Strike which will break through Greninja’s Double Teams.

Paldean Tauros Aqua Breed – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm HP and Special Defense invested
  • Ability – Anger Point
  • Item – Shell Bell
  • Tera-type – Steel/Psychic
  • Move Set – Smart Strike, Bulk Up, Rest, Sleep Talk


Clodsire is weak to Greninja’s Ice Beam but is a particularly strong counter when paired with Gastrodon.

Chilling Water can be used to boost Gastrodon’s Special Attack, while Helping Hand maximises damage output.

Acid Spray also lowers Greninja’s special defence making it easier to knock out, and if needed it can absorb Toxic Spikes

Clodsire – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm HP and Special Defense invested
  • Ability – Unaware
  • Item – Covert Cloak / Leftovers
  • Tera-type – Ground/Poison
  • Move Set – Chilling Water, Helping Hand, Amnesia, Acid Spray


Slowbro is a good option to solo the raid if you can’t find others to help you out.

Those who used this for the Cinderace raids will have an easy choice they can use again.

If Greninja crits with Night Slash, you will faint so it might take a few tries.

Slowbro – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm HP and Special Defense invested
  • Ability – Any
  • Item – Covert Cloak
  • Tera-type – Psychic
  • Move Set – Iron Defense, Calm Mind, Stored Power, Slack Off
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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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