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You’re using popular iPhone app completely wrong – 8 hacks you need to learn

THE humble notes app on iPhones can be more than a place to jot a few thoughts down when a pen and paper has escaped you.

The app can actually help create PDFs and have secret conversations with friends.


Avid note takers also organise their scribing into foldersCredit: the sun

To create a PDF, Apple iPhone users must click the Scan documents options in the menu.

Users can do this my clicking on the photo icon at the bottom of the screen > Select scan documents > Scan your documents > click save.

Savvy iPhone owners can even save a note as PDF, which is a more hidden feature.

Firstly, open the note and tap share icon > Collaborate > Send a Copy > Markup for PDF preview > Save File.

  • Copy and paste from physical to digital

Users can also copy and paste text from a physical document into their digital notes.

This is done by tapping the photo icon > Scan text > Locate your text > Insert.

The notes app can be added to the drop down menu, so users can make notes on the run.

Users can add the quick note button by opening Settings > Control Centre > add Quick Note.

Notes can also be shared between iPhone users with this trick.

First create a new notes page > Share > Collaborate > Add Collaborators > Share the link with another user.

This can come in handy when making shopping lists.

But it also has another secret use.

Another hack hiding in the notes app, is that users can password protect messages.

Click the three dots in the top right > Lock > Choose a password.

If you forget the password, the note will not be recoverable.

Avid note takers also organise their scribing into folders.

iPhone users can create a new folder by tapping New Folder in the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting Make it Into Smart Folder.

A smart notes folder can be shared with fellow iPhone users.

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This is done by tapping the three dots in the top rand corner and selecting Share Folder and sharing the invite.

Users can then tag each other in the notes and receive notifications when notes have been amended.

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