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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 version APK update: Download link and guide for Android users.

Before the release of the upcoming major update, PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.0, developers have recently incorporated the 0.22.1 version via an in-game patch. It has brought a few skins to the game for fans to acquire.

Users who already have 0.22.0 of the game downloaded on their devices can install the current version straight away. They will just have to open the game and the patch (which is around 192 MB in size) will get installed automatically.

Individuals who do not have the 0.22.0 version will need to obtain it first. They can utilize an APK file from the official website for the same purpose.

Note: Due to the ban of PUBG Mobile Lite in India, players from the country are advised to avoid downloading the game on their devices.

Step-by-step guide on downloading PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 version

As previously stated, gamers will need to get the 0.22.0 version on their devices and then download the in-game update to obtain the new 0.22.1 iteration. These are the steps that they can follow to accomplish it:

Step 1: To obtain the APK file for PUBG Mobile Lite, players will have to visit the official website of the game:

To visit the PUBG Mobile Lite website: Click here.

Step 2: Next, individuals can tap on the ‘Download APK’ button upon reaching the website. The download for the APK file will commence.

Note: Since this APK download is 714 MB in size, gamers should have the appropriate space on their devices before attempting to install it. Additionally, they need to have enough storage to complete the in-game patch as well.

pubg mobile lite download

Step 3: After the file is on their devices, players can install it once they enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ setting.

Step 4: Finally, the game can be opened and the in-game update can be completed to obtain the 0.22.1 version. Players can subsequently log in to their account to enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite.

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