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I caught my mum SPYING on us through our Ring doorbell – don’t make the same mistake we did

LETTING your parents have access to your Ring doorbell is probably not a good idea as one woman learnt the hard way.

The teen adult revealed how her mum made out she didn’t know how to use the Ring doorbell on their property but was actually using it all the time to keep an eye on things.


Mum originally claimed she didn’t even know how to use Ring…Credit: Getty

Writing on Reddit, user Key_Alternative_2757 said her mum let her and her partner live in another house she owned.

She had the smart doorbell on the house already and offered her daughter access to it.

But the teen soon noticed something quite strange.

“She gave me access to the doorbell to be able to use it as well, telling me that she never checks it and forgets it’s even there,” the woman explained.

“I don’t think she knows that the app logs every time a motion alert is opened or the live feed is viewed.

“I found out she regularly opens every motion alert notification and checks the live feed constantly.

“At 7 am, at 11 pm etc. She’s watching the live feed of the house.”

She decided to remove the device from the app so her mum could no longer access it.

But her mother took things a step further, creating a brand new account that the daughter doesn’t have access to.

“I understand that this is her house so I’m not sure if i would be in the right bringing this up to her or just flat out uninstalling it,” she continued.

“But it makes me uncomfortable.

“I’m not sure if she’s trying to hear conversations, or catch me doing something she wouldn’t agree with, or if she’s just being nosy.”

Things escalated when the daughter decided to do things the old fashioned way.

She put a sticky note over the camera so its view was blocked.

But her mum turned up the next day, apparently wanting to collect her mail, and said they needed to talk.

“When she showed up at the house she was furious,” she explained.

Things got heated but the mother didn’t realise the daughters brother in law was visiting.

She quickly changed her tone once he appeared to say hello.

“We ended up meeting a few days later for lunch and she had completely flipped her mood,” the girl goes on.

“She basically talked about how much she loved and supported me. Doesn’t want to see me unhappy.”

People have suggested other ways around it such as cutting off the internet to the Ring doorbell.

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The incident is a lesson to all of us about who we should trust with access to our tech – even if they’re very close family.

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