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You’ve been setting up your Ring doorbell all wrong – the right way stops pesky unwanted notifications

BRITS have been setting up their Ring doorbells all wrong, with thousands of users getting too many pings.

Amazon’s front door contraption can help owners keep track of activity near their home.


Ring doorbells are not being set up properly by their users, leading to dozens of unwanted notificationsCredit: Amazon

This is thanks to a motion detector feature that notifies you every time there is movement on your plot.

But the down side of this is that some users can easily get dozens of unwanted notifications every day.

Not only is this irritating, it also drains your Ring doorbell battery in no time.

But there is an easy fix to stop being bombarded by notifications, and it lies in the settings.

Ring has advised users to lower the sensitivity of their Motion Settings.

To adjust Motion Frequency for your video doorbell, open the Ring app.

The tap the three horizontal lines in the top left of the dashboard.

Hit the option for Devices > select video doorbell > Motion Settings > Advanced Settings > Motion Frequency > then specify how often your device should check for motion.

Users can choose from three options: Frequently, Regularly or Periodically.

But if you suspect the battery in your Ring device is running out, you can check in the Ring app.

Open the app, and click the three horizontal lines in the top left.

Then tap Devices > select video doorbell > Power Settings > Battery Status: Battery Level.

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