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Rocket packed with ‘human intelligence and DNA’ to be blasted into space in 2025 over ‘nuclear apocalypse’ fears

HUMANS are sending a rocket packed with evidence of civilisation and DNA of Earth’s flora and fauna into space.

The reason? In case of a ‘nuclear apocalypse’.


The rocket, known as Ark, will carry a particularly interesting looking time capsule into Earth’s orbitCredit: wexu

Fears over a ‘nuclear apocalypse’ have only grown as militaristic tensions between countries rise and the conflict with Russia rolls on.

But an Israeli company called WEXU has a creative back-up plan.

As part of their so-called Plan B, the company is planning a rocket launch for 2025.

The rocket, known as Ark, will carry a particularly interesting looking time capsule into Earth’s orbit.

Their hope is that it will capture the world as we know it today, with the DNA needed to potentially rebuild our world’s plants and animals with future – or alien – technology.

The time capsule includes an optical drive which is supposed to act as a ‘back up’ for much of the ‘data’ humans have created in our millions of years on Earth.

Information spanning what was left behind by the ancient Egyptians to, unsurprisingly, paying customers.

The company hopes the rocket will eventually be directed towards an exoplanet elsewhere.

Exoplanets are worlds that orbit a star outside of our solar system.

This will help protect the capsule from the degrading impacts of radiation, should the Earth succumb to nuclear fallout beyond repair.

Using radio telescopes, the company said it will then send an alert out into the depths of the universe to make extra-terrestrials aware of its existence.

For a fee, interested people can pay to upload DNA of their choosing onto the optical drive.

It could be their DNA, or the DNA of a beloved pet.

How alien lifeforms or post-apocalyptic humans may access the data on the drive is not yet clear.

But the company is selling the, perhaps overly ambitious, opportunity of “rebirth” on a future version of Earth.

“This backup will allow both future generations (survivors) and aliens to restore our world and its knowledge,” the company said in a statement.

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