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Samsung A13 (2022) vs Samsung M13 (2022)

Samsung A13 (2022) vs Samsung M13 (2022)

LOOKING for a quality smartphone on a budget? The Samsung Galaxy A13 and Galaxy M13 are two great options.

We’ve put these handsets head to head to help you decide which best suits your needs, read on to find out more.


The Samsung Galaxy is a fan favourite, but which is for you?
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (2022), £133.90 – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy M13 (2022), £169 – buy here

When it comes to shopping for a quality smartphone on a budget you can’t go wrong with Android devices, which are always noticeably cheaper than a certain fruit-named rival manufacturer.

Samsung offers some of the best handsets on the market.

Alongside its flagship S22 series, the Samsung Galaxy range includes the Samsung Galaxy A13 and the Samsung Galaxy M13 as a more affordable option for those on tighter budgets.

But with both released back in 2022 at similar price points, it makes choosing between the two a challenging task.

So before you take the plunge we have compared the A13 and M13 and put head-to-head the design, price, battery life and features of each to help you choose.

We always advise you to look around and have put together the best Samsung Galaxy deals on the market right now.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: at a glance


At face value, both these devices appear almost identical, and they certainly have lots in common, with both having hit the market in 2022.

Each device features a 6.6-inch display and the same high-end fullscreen design with a Fingerprint Scanner built into the display.

When it comes down to specs, the A13 and M13 parallel each other again with a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5000mAh battery.

Both are configured with a plastic rear and frame and neither is waterproof, though this won’t be of concern to the everyday user.


These two devices also have some key differences that are worth considering when thinking of purchasing in the long term.

To begin the Galaxy A13, is 50 nits brighter than the M13 and features Gorilla Glass compared to the M13, which has a Tempered Glass display.

When it comes to software, the A13 comes with a more recent OS version, the Android 13 versus the Galaxy M13s Android 12.

Something to consider in terms of longevity is the A13 supports 5G, whereas the Galaxy M13 has standard 4G compatibility.

While both devices come with fast charging, only the Galaxy M13 supports wireless charging with standard Qi.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Camera

Unsurprisingly, Samsung releasing two budget devices at similar price points means many of the features are on par, and that is true of the cameras on the A13 and M13.

Both come with professional features like Bokeh Mode and Pro Mode, which aren’t to be found on other budget devices like the Apple iPhone SE range.

Each has a main 50MP Wide lens and a 5MP Ultra-Wide lens, but only the Galaxy A13 comes with a Quad Rear Camera, with an extra 2MP Macro lens that isn’t found on the M13.

When it comes to your selfie game, both devices stand equal with an 8MP Front facing camera, homed on a small notch in the bezel of both the A13 and M13 to maximise screen space.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Design

The design choices made on both Galaxy devices are in the same vein, leading to such a similar appearance on the A13 and M13.

So when it comes to comparison, it comes down to your own personal preference and what colourways work for you.

The M13 features a slightly edgier design choice with a raised camera bezel and wavy etching, in comparison to the A13 which has a much more minimalistic smooth design.

In terms of size, both these devices come in at a generous 6.6 inches, holding up against premium devices from both Samsung and other brands on the market, like the iPhone 14 Plus from Apple.

The Galaxy A13 comes in more colourways, in muted tones of Black, Light Blue, Peach, and White, whereas the M13 comes in Aqua Green, Midnight Blue, and Stardust Brown.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Features

In terms of features, both these devices, again, are very similar – but have made improvements from their predecessors that make them on par with other budget devices on the market.

Like in Apple devices, both the Galaxy A13 and M13 come with Bokeh mode and Pro mode which makes taking professional-level photos a breeze.

The Galaxy A13 in particular has upgraded the Tempered Glass from the A12 to Gorilla Glass on the A13, which we would have liked to have seen on the M13.

The Galaxy M13 also noticeably lacks 5G connectivity, which has since been rectified in the Galaxy M13 5G model, which though a move in the right direction, does oversaturate the Galaxy series.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Battery

There isn’t any disparity in the battery life of these two devices, but the Galaxy M13 edges its way to the top.

In terms of the physical battery, both devices come with a large 5000mAh battery, which with continuous use is able to deliver around 15 hours worth of use.

With conservative use, most users can expect to exceed 24 hours of use without the need to recharge either device, but only one has an added perk.

The Galaxy M13 supports wireless charging like the standard Qi, so you are able to make plugs a thing of the past.

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Price

The Samsung Galaxy A13 and M13 entered the market as budget options, and have remained at a similar price point ever since.

As it stands, there is currently only a £35 difference between the two SIM-free handsets.

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (2022), £133.90 – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy M13 (2022), £169 – buy here

Right now, if you are interested in buying a pay-monthly plan only the Samsung Galaxy A13 is available. But you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy with 30GB data for just £13.17.

Here is where you can pick the A13 up:

  • Buymobiles
  • Affordable Mobiles
  • Fonehouse
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Three
  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Virgin Mobile 

Samsung A13 vs Samsung M13: Which to choose

Ultimately, these two devices are very similar so there is only a few deciding factors between the two that comes down to preference.

Choose the Samsung A13 if:

  • You are on a tighter budget
  • You want 5G compatibility to ensure longevity
  • You are a keen photographer and want a Quad camera

Choose the Samsung M13 if:

  • You are looking for Qi wireless charging
  • You want a colourful design
  • You still want camera features like Bokeh mode and Pro mode.

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