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Samsung unleashes two mega new Android phones with four top features iPhone can’t beat – and selfie fans will love it

Samsung unleashes two mega new Android phones with four top features iPhone can’t beat – and selfie fans will love it

SAMSUNG has revealed a duo of new Galaxy Z foldable handsets with some big upgrades.

It’s now the 6th iteration of the Flip and Fold devices which the South Korean tech giant has been leading the way on for several years now.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 gets some funky new colours


Galaxy Z Flip 6 gets some funky new coloursCredit: Samsung
The Galaxy Z Fold 6 has also had some upgrades


The Galaxy Z Fold 6 has also had some upgradesCredit: Samsung

However, the Fold has had a bit of a price bump.

The firm’s big focus is packing even more AI features into the Flip 6 and Fold 6 – which will come to some older Galaxy handsets in a future update.

It means the much-hyped AI translation features are no longer stuck to just Samsung’s own apps.

Samsung has revealed that it will now work in third party apps – while the company hasn’t stated which apps yet, WhatsApp is surely high on the list as the most popular messaging platform in the world.

So you will be able to translate messages in real-time, as well as calls.

It currently supports 16 languages.

Samsung has also developed new AI noise suppression so that translations are clearer.

Elsewhere on the AI feature front, the firm has made some improvements for photography lovers using the Flip in flex cam mode, such as auto zoom to detect the subject and automatically zoom to capture the best angle.

And AI powered portraits can transform your photos with fun alternative art styles.

You can also use your finger to roughly sketch out an illustration which AI will then change into a proper image or drawing.

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On the camera front, the same lens from the Galaxy S24 Plus is used, which is now 50 megapixels.

For the Flip 6 that’s a huge upgrade from the Flip 5’s 12 megapixels.

“Samsung’s new foldable smartphones were unquestionably the most important products announced at this event,” said Ben Wood, Chief Analyst at CCS Insight.

“To date, the company’s substantial investment in foldables has not reaped the rewards hoped for when it unveiled the first Galaxy Fold five years ago, but the category remains an important differentiator versus arch-rival Apple.”

The majority of Samsung’s AI features are done on device, not the cloud, for security.

A powerful bespoke Snapdragon 6 Gen 3 for Galaxy chip is under the hood to keep all the AI and other features running smoothly.

In terms of design, both handsets look pretty similar to their predecessors – though they’re slimmer and lighter.

The Flip 6 has added a band colour around the camera lens to match the phone’s main colour, with a choice of blue, yellow, silver shadow, mint, crafted black, white and peach.

Who offers free updates longest?

The longer you receive updates, the longer you can safely continue using your smartphone – with the latest features thrown in too for free.

For the Galaxy phone, Samsung says it will provide at least seven generations of OS updates and seven years of security updates.

At the launch of the OnePlus 12, OnePlus committed to at least four years of Android updates and five years of security updates.

Xiaomi offers four years off Android updates and five years security updates.

For the Pixel 8, Google said that devices would receive at least seven years of support.

There’s a choice of interactive wallpapers to go on the back screen, as well as ones that change based on the time and weather.

The Fold 6 is available in silver shadow, pink, navy, crafted black and white.

“With these latest devices, our sixth iteration, we’re looking to open a new chapter for Galaxy AI, bringing together the power of AI with the unique form factor of a foldable device,” Oliver Boulton, head of smartphone for category management at Samsung told press.

The Flip 6 starts at £1049 for the 256GB storage option.

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And the Fold 6 is from £1799 with 256GB.

Both are available to pre-order today and will go on sale on July 24.

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