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Samsung Galaxy Ring’s two most exciting features have nothing to do with health – it has a major advantage over Oura too

Samsung Galaxy Ring’s two most exciting features have nothing to do with health – it has a major advantage over Oura too

SAMSUNG has officially launched its first ever smart ring – but two of the most exciting features aren’t even health related.

And you’ll have to own a Galaxy smartphone to unlock them.

Galaxy Ring goes on sale from July 24


Galaxy Ring goes on sale from July 24Credit: Alamy
New device won't work with an iPhone


New device won’t work with an iPhoneCredit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Ring boasts a load of fitness tracking tools, many of which you would expect to see on a smartwatch.

Instead, the South Korean tech giant is hoping to bring those features to the more convenient finger.

At a launch event in Paris, the firm finally revealed all about the Galaxy Ring, including price and release date.

One distinct advantage it has over a smartwatch is battery – Samsung claims the Ring can last up to seven days.

Two nifty non-health related features will be available to Galaxy smartphone owners only.

The first is you can do a double pinch gesture with your fingers to dismiss an alarm in the morning.

It’s a super-premium device, and more expensive than a basic Galaxy Watch6, but in contrast to Oura there is no subscription fee

Ben WoodChief Analyst at CCS Insight

And if you’re taking a selfie, you can also double pinch your fingers to snap the photo without having to run for a timer.

Other features will work on rival Android handsets but not iPhone.

These include “advanced” sleep and workout tracking, with things like running and walking detected automatically.

And centre of it all is AI, which is used to crunch all the data it’s tracked on your health and movements to generate a so-called energy score with tailored tips to boost your wellness.

Apple v Android: Inside the rivalry

There’s also a heart rate checker, as well as cycle tracking for women which can predict the user’s menstrual cycle based on overnight skin temperature.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring retails at £399 – more expensive than most of Samsung’s new smartwatches.

Despite the premium price tag, there’s no subscription to access any features or your data, unlike market leader Oura’s latest Gen 3.

“The Galaxy Ring is an interesting bet by Samsung,” said Ben Wood, Chief Analyst at CCS Insight.

“It’s a device category that fits well with growing consumer interest in tracking health metrics and it is complementary with Samsung’s current smartwatch sales, particularly when monitoring sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Key facts

  • Available in nine sizes
  • Three colours: black, gold and silver
  • Works with Android smartphones and not iPhone
  • Titanium grade 5
  • IP68 rating – protected from water and dust
  • Battery lasts up to seven days off a single charge
  • No subscription to access data required
  • Costs £399

“Only a small proportion of consumers wear their smartwatches in bed which means a huge chunk of data is not captured, not just around sleep, but also heart health, body temperature and more.

“It is also encouraging to see the growing focus on women’s health, a trend that other smart ring makers are embracing.”

The smart ring uses scratch resistance titanium and comes in three colours: black, gold and silver.

It’ll be available in nine sizes too, alongside a wireless charging case.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring goes on sale from July 24.


However, the move doesn’t signal the end for Samsung’s smartwatches.

The firm has announced new Galaxy Watch devices too, including an Ultra model.

Expert Ben, added: “The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra will doubtless provoke a flurry of discussion regarding its similarity to the design and naming of Apple’s Watch Ultra.

“However, it is a logical next step for Samsung.

“It has correctly identified that the Apple Watch Ultra has been a strong margin driver and the Galaxy Watch Ultra is designed to appeal to a similar demographic, be that aspiring athletes, those seeking a fashion statement, or simply those who want the best specification and battery on their smartwatch.”

Read more on the Scottish Sun

The Galaxy Watch Ultra retails for £599.

Meanwhile, the new Galaxy Watch7 starts at £289.

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