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Samsung reveals brand new ‘iPhone killer’ Galaxy phones

SAMSUNG has unveiled brand new flagship Galaxy S23 smartphones in its latest bid to take on the iPhone.

The South Korean electronics giant has revealed three fresh versions – though on the surface you might struggle to tell the difference to their predecessors.


Samsung’s three new Galaxy S smartphonesCredit: Samsung

Samsung has largely stuck with the same design of yesteryear and packed much of the slick stuff on the inside.

The range includes the main Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23+ and the big beast Galaxy S23 Ultra.

They all feature an all-new chip – known as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – which makes things super speedy, especially for heavy duty tasks like gaming.

The selfie camera is also the same across all three at 12 mexapixels.

But the rest varies widely.

Firstly, the Ultra’s main camera features a whooping 200 megapixel lens for extraordinary detail in photos.

It’s capable of zooming really close up to objects that are further away compared to many other smartphones, including the iPhone.

The display size remains as before, at 6.8inches wide.

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Meanwhile, the S23 and S23+ both feature a 50 megapixel snapper.

The only real difference between the two is size – 6.6inches and 6.1inches – as well as battery capacity.

Samsung is also boasting that all the S23 handsets are end-to-end encrypted through the device’s lifecycle, including the chipset, software, all the way up to the apps.

Paolo Pescatore, an expert from PP Foresight, told The Sun most of it is “subtle incremental improvements”.

“Samsung’s relentless drive to improve the camera is extraordinary,” he said

“One of the standout features.

“Arguably, the premium Ultra device remains a key product.”

As for competition against Apple’s iPhone, he added: “Samsung is a worthy adversary and these latest devices are certainly good enough to compete with Apple and the iPhone.

“However, iPhone owners are extremely loyal and the overall package including a strongly integrated services offering resonates with consumers.

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“While it might tempt some users to switch, Samsung will be hoping to attract users to trade in their existing devices; even some who have been holding onto their phones for some time.”

The biggest S23 will have a huge 200 megapixel camera


The biggest S23 will have a huge 200 megapixel cameraCredit: Samsung

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