Crystal 4k Neo TV: Samsung launches Crystal 4k Neo TV; Find out the price and features Samsung launches Crystal 4k Neo TV know about the Price features and more


samsung 4k neo tv

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Priced at Rs 35,990, the TV is designed with the best combination of attractive displays, eye-catching sound features and a number of smart features. These televisions with crystal technology have the best features.

Samsung (Samsung) India’s largest electronics brand has launched its 43-inch flagship at Samsung’s official online stores Samsung Shop, Amazon and Flipkart. Crystal 4K Neo TV (Crystal 4k Neo TV) Announced the launch. Priced at Rs 35,990, the TV is designed with the best combination of attractive displays, eye-catching sound features and a number of smart features. These televisions have the power of crystal technology and have the best features. Just like the One Billion True Colors for the natural presentation of each color, the HDR 10+ for clear visuals even in dark scenes and the bezel lace design for the best viewing experience. On Crystal 4K Neo TV (TV) DolbyB Digital Plus and Adaptive Sound Technology to give you an unprecedented sound experience. Designed to provide a diverse, realistic color scheme and a theater-like sound experience, this television is the perfect choice for consumers who are interested in enjoying their favorite entertainment in 4K resolution.

The Crystal 4K Neo TV also has some smart features to keep up with the work, keeping in mind the modern day entertainment needs. Such as in-built voice assistants, Universal Guide, PC mode and Samsung TV Plus etc. Also for gamers, the auto game mode and motion accelerator features provide fast frame changes and low latency for a unique gaming experience.

The Crystal 4K Neo TV is a perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and attractive design. This TV also offers a variety of color combinations with great depth and depth of contrast for the best content viewing experience. We believe that Crystal 4K Neo TVs will enable consumers to upgrade to high quality in-home entertainment, with these TVs available at attractive prices and exciting financial options. ”

Price and availability

Samsung’s new Crystal 4K Neo TV will also come in a 43-inch variant and will be available at Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, Amazon and Flipkart. Customers purchasing a television from Amazon will receive a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime and a one-year subscription to Disney Hotstar upon purchase on Flipkart. Consumers can avail 12 months no-cost EMAI from leading banks like ABI and HDFC Bank when purchasing TVs.

Crystal 4K Neo TV Picture

Crystal Technology: Crystal 4K Neo TV ensures realistic picture quality with a clear and wide view through dynamic crystal displays. This range offers a crystal-like experience of color matching, which gives the impression of seeing attractive and huge pictures.

HDR 10+: Enjoy more precision with finishes, accurate colors and deep contrast. The HDR 10+’s dynamic tone mapping changes color and contrast according to the scene, allowing you to see even the smallest details.

One Billion True Colors: This feature gives you the experience of viewing the content, as if it were actually happening in front of you. Through this feature, the TV offers custom picture functionality and the best viewing experience by expressing different colors.

Bezel-Best experience with lace design: Sleek, attractive design suits modern home decor and attracts everyone’s attention. With a larger screen size, viewers can enjoy content. At the same time gaming lovers can also enjoy gaming with large size scenes.

Crystal processor 4K: Powerful 4K processor ensures that your favorite content can be viewed in 4K resolution. With state-of-the-art color mapping technology you will experience real color combinations.

Auto game mode and motion accelerator: Let the gamer in you take a new leap with these technologies. You get the best frame changes and low latency for a unique gaming experience.


Dolby Digital Plus: Enjoy 3D sound effects as well as theatrical content in the best way possible.

Adaptive Sound: The Crystal 4K Neo TV features a Smart Adaptive Sound to adjust the content accordingly for a custom viewing experience.

Music player: The music player enhances the overall audio experience by adding realistic visual elements to the playlist. As a result, the TV is transformed into a virtual music system. You can also enjoy listening to thousands of songs from Gana Music.

Smart features

In-built voice assistants: This UHD TV has built-in connectivity with Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby for a more comfortable and connected ecosystem. Customers can now find content with their voices, change channels, maximize volume, control playback, and more.

Universal Guide: With the Universal Content Guide, users will be able to enjoy watching more than just exploring the channel. This feature helps users to find their favorite movies and TV series from the list of curated content in India’s popular streaming apps.

TV Plus: Watch 55 global and local live channels like Republic TV, Discovery TV, etc. by logging in to Samsung TV Plus for free;

PC mode: This feature transforms TV into a personal computer. This feature helps clients to create documents or work in the cloud. It also features wireless screen mirroring without internet connection to enjoy content on large screen or wide screen.

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