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Secret Search: Use Incognito Mode for Secret Search? Then definitely read this – Secret Search Use Incognito Mode for Secret Search Then definitely read this

Some people take the help of this mode (Secret Search) to find private things. But is it completely safe?

Mumbai, After searching anything on Google Chrome browser, one can get any information by checking the history. For this reason, most people delete their history after doing something important. On the other hand, some people incognito mode (Incognito Mod) Considered very safe. Some people consider it safe to search private things (Secret Search) Take the help of this mode. But is it completely safe? After using real incognito mode, its history can be checked without any software. It is also very easy to delete it in time.

Mistakes People Make When Using Incognito Mode

Most people consider incognito mode to be very secure. People use it a lot because it has some advanced features. But forget to delete history and bookmark data. Some people don’t delete it because it is too difficult to check easily. Can’t check it by clicking on history in Chrome browser settings. Be sure to learn how to delete it if you use it too.

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Check history of incognito mode like this

  1. To check history delete of Incognito Mod first click on search bar in windows laptop and click on command prompt.
  2. Here you will see some options, among them click on run as administrator.
  3. Once the command prompt is fully open, type ipconfig /displaydns in it.
  4. After this, by pressing enter, you can easily check the history of incognito mode with date and time.

How to delete secret history

  1. To delete the history of Incognito Mod first open the browser.
  2. Take a screenshot by typing chrome://net-internals/#dns in it.
  3. Then search for chrome://net-internals/#dns.
  4. Here you will see Events, Proxy, DNS and Sockets. Click on the top of this DNS.
  5. Now click on host resolver cache and click on clear host cache and delete it.

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