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Secure Social Media Accounts

Hello People, We returned with a new article. Recently I have seen many social media accounts are getting hacked very easily. So today we are writing this article to spread awareness about these frauds and Guide to Secure Social Media Accounts.

Frauds are simply asking them to login into various sites to collaborate with them and showing that they get paid immediately after login. Some People who have no idea about the fraud continue login into the given websites. 

After login, the fraud gets the login details from the hidden script in that given Website. Within a matter of seconds, your password will be changed and they get vanish from your Sight.

So be careful. All the messages you receive on Social Media are not genuine. If you receive a message about the paid collaborations, blindly don’t click on the links they sent you. In any way, you think they are for real, first copy that links and open it in a private window or an Incognito window. If that link contains any text asking you for your social media accounts identities, immediately close that window and block the user who sent that message.

How to Secure Social Media Accounts Using Two-Factor Authentication:

There are ways to Secure your Social Media accounts from those Frauds. Keeping in mind abut these Frauds, all Social Media Platforms developed This Two-Factor Authentication. 

Two-Factor Authentication is a Security method that protects your accounts even after compromise. If you Enable Two-Factor Authentication every time after entering your account’s password you have to enter a code Provide by your Authentication App. So Without Knowing the code no fraud will access your account. 

Facebook and Instagram have developed two to three Two-Factor Authentication methods. They allow you to set multiple authentication processes. 

Google Authenticator App:

Google Authenticator, the best app I have seen on the Internet to Secure any account Online that has a Two-Factor Authentication Feature. 

It has a unique feature that helps to keep your accounts safe. It changes the security code for every Minute. Such a Cool Feature by Google, Right? 

From the last few months, I Noticed Many Suspicious attacks have taken place on my social media and Hosting server accounts. They tried to steal my passwords. But I haven’t given them a chance. Do you know Why? Because I’m Using Google Authenticator to Secure my Accounts. Without a One-time code, no one can log in to my accounts.

So I suggest you Use Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Social Media Accounts. Especially I recommend you use the Google Authenticator app to get more Security and Control Over your Online Accounts.

Try Google Authenticator App. Stay Safe Online:)

I’ll be back in short with an Amazing Article. Until then, Check out these Articles.


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