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VIDEO | The cat sat on the chicken, then the chicken made the cat happy, Netkari says… – Sitting on the back of the cat, the chicken made him walk, the video will make the heart happy

Sometimes two animals are seen fighting with each other, and sometimes two animals are seen as friends. People like videos with friendship more.

Animal video

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Mumbai : of animals (Animal) is also a world. We often find it in a house, yard or forest (forest) can be seen. It is not easy for anyone to understand their friendship and enmity. Sometimes two animals are fighting with each other, sometimes we get to see two animals from different groups bonding. Currently, a video has gone viral on social media. It includes chicken and cat (chicken and cat) showing a weak bonding. Currently, this video has become more viral on social media and more comments are also coming on it.

Friendship of cat and chicken

A video has gone viral on Instagram. A rooster and a cat are seen in that video. The little cat is trying to jump and sit on the chicken. The cat somehow climbs on the chicken. The rooster then carries the cat some distance. After watching this video, it seems that cat and chicken have a great relationship.

Bonding between the two can be seen there

This video of cat and chicken has become more viral on social media. At the same time, people are liking that video more. The viral video has been liked by 4 lakh 31 thousand people so far. Many people have commented on that video so far. The video is so beautiful that, a netizen says, the bonding between the two can be seen there. Another netizen has written that it shows the love between the two. Actually this video is an inspiration for many people.

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So far, many videos of animals can be seen on social media. In it, it is clear how much animals love each other, netizens are seeing more like videos.

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