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What does the skull emoji really mean and how to use it

YOU might look at an emoji and think well it means what it is – so if you see a skull emoji, you’ll think it simply represents a skull.

However, there is more to emojis than what meets the eye and here we will explain to you all the meanings behind the skull emoji.


Skull emoji represents figurative death

What does the skull emoji mean?

The main meaning of the skull emoji is death and paranormal activity and that’s why it is mostly used during Halloween.

When referring to death, it isn’t used seriously, because it would be insensitive to use this emoji to refer to someone’s passing away.

It can also be used to represent dark humour and embarrassment.

It would mean that something is so funny but it is very wrong to laugh at it, that you might die metaphorically.

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So when you tend to say that someone figuratively died, you would use the skull emoji.

For example, in football, when a player does a threatening sliding tackle or nutmegs their opponent, fans tend to say how a player killed another with such gameplay.

When showing highlights of the action, you might see clubs putting a skull emoji on their social media post.

Friend groups tend to also use it when two people are having a non-serious argument and someone “burns” another.

They make a good comeback to an insult or an argument that leaves the other person with no words and no idea of what to say back.

Someone in the group chat might decide to stir the pot a bit and send the skull emoji to show how that comeback killed the other person and they shouldn’t try to respond to it.

A final meaning is representing poison and you might see a skull whenever there is some dangerous chemical such as acid or radioactive substances which might be threatening human life.

Can I use the skull emoji for laughing?

Yes, you can.

You’ll probably use it when you are laughing at something which might be considered wrong to think that it’s funny.

Some people just like dark humour, however, others do not, so be careful who you use it with.

Dark humour tends to relate to serious issues such as death itself for example, and you don’t want to offend someone.

Just remember to be respectful and consider how one might react to you using the skull emoji to laugh.

If you’ve known the person for a long time and you tend to always laugh over dark jokes, then it would be fine.

But if it is someone you just met, or you’re getting to know, and you are yet to determine what sort of humour they are into, it’s best to refrain from using this emoji.

How to use the skull emoji

On social media, you can use the skull emoji during Halloween when you’re uploading pics of your very scary costume.

Or if you’re a football fan, you might also want to show off how good the player you support is and want to show off their skills while indicating that no one stands a chance against them.

With your friends, you might want to use it to laugh at something which shouldn’t be funny, but you and your group tend to be into that sort of humour.

Or to indicate that someone has won an argument.

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