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Sky Stream price slashed – ‘no dish’ TV streaming box costs under £1 a day

YOU can bag Sky’s TV streaming box for well under £1 a day.

Sky Stream – which only launched last year – has received a tempting price cut.


The Sky Stream box instantly upgrades your TVCredit: Sky

It’s a set-top box that plugs into your telly, giving you access to Sky’s full roster of content.

And the big benefit is that it doesn’t require a Sky satellite dish.

Normally you’d pay £26 for an 18-month contract, or £29 for a 31-day rolling bill – but both prices have been cut by £2.

  • Sky Stream for £24 a month – buy here

That means you’re only pay £24 for the 18-month contract.

And a 31-day rolling bill will cost just £27 a month.

The cheaper deal costs just 80p a day in a normal month.

You also get also add Whole Home Sky for £12 month with free setup that would normally cost £39.95.

The company’s new Stream device plugs into the back of your existing telly, meaning no need for a costly installation person either.

Doing away with the need for satellite dishes means using WiFi instead, no matter who your provider is.

This’ll be attractive to those who don’t fancy a dish on the side of their house – or renters who simply aren’t allowed to.

The new Sky Stream product builds on the firm’s existing Sky Glass service, which was launched last year.

It uses the same system, which is regularly updated.

“It’s got all the same smart features, all the things you love like restart, universal search, the playlist features,” said Liz Wynn, Sky’s Managing Director for TV.

  • Sky Stream for £24 a month – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.

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