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Sky TV owners must try hidden mode with huge perk – it’s so handy for millions of users

CHECK your Sky TV today – there’s a hidden mode that millions need to know about.

It solves one of the biggest problems that Sky TV customers can face.


Kids Safe Mode can protect your children from adult contentCredit: Sky

The feature is called Kids Safe Mode, and it can help to prevent your children from watching anything dodgy.

The mode automatically blocks age-inappropriate content across the entire Sky ecosystem.

And you can edit your parental controls to be extremely specific about what you want to allow or block.

First you’ll need to set up a PIN for your Sky Q box.

A PIN can be really useful, as it’ll let you protect rated shows and purchases.

And it will also hide adult content by default.

You can pick and choose any of the settings easily.

Go to Home > Settings and then look for Parental.

Now enter a PIN and select Family, which lets you edit your settings.

You can PIN-protect specific shows based on their age rating in Ratings.

And there’s even an option to block access to various features and apps.

That includes Online Video, YouTube and Vevo.

Importantly, you can use your PIN to turn Kids Safe Mode on or off.

Activating it is quick and easy, and will give you peace of mind.

When you activate it, your Sky box will be strictly limited to TV shows and movies rated as suitable for children aged 12 and under.

To turn Kids Safe Mode on or off, go to Home > Kids.

Now go to Safe Mode and then enter your PIN to adjust the settings.

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It’s a great idea, especially if you have to be out of the living room for a while – or you’re setting up Sky TV in a child’s bedroom.

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