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You’re using Sky TV recordings wrong – two tricks will transform your telly

ONE of the best Sky TV features is Recordings – but make sure you’re using it right.

There are some tricks and quirks that you definitely need to know about.


Mastering your Sky TV Recordings is easy when you know howCredit: Sky

The first is how Series Link works: it’s easy to do it wrong.

Normally when you hit Record on a TV show, it’ll set up a Series Link.

This means Sky understands that the episode is part of a Series, and it will try to record future episodes too.

That’s often great as it means you don’t miss any episodes.

But it’s not always ideal – and thankfully, is avoidable.

Instead of pressing Record once, simply press it twice.

This means Sky Q will record just the one episode – and not attempt to save the entire series.

The second trick is how you get to your Recordings.

The slow way is to navigate through the menus until you get to Recordings.

But there’s a much faster way: the Sky logo on your remote control.

Many Sky TV fans don’t realise that this is actually a useful button.

Press it and you’ll be taken straight to your Recordings folder.

It’s the quickest way to get there, so it’s a trick worth getting into the habit of using.

Bonus trick

And here’s one more handy tip for Recordings.

Ever deleted a Sky TV recording and felt immediate regret? You’re not alone.

It can be devastating to lose a valuable Sky recording, but it’s not the end.

In fact, you can actually save recordings from the great virtual bin on any Sky TV.

Recovering recordings lets you watch them again, as if they’d never been deleted.

Finding your deleted recordings is simple enough.

Simply go to Recordings, then into Manage.

Then look for Deleted and select Undelete.

On Sky Q, you should simply be able to go straight from Recordings to Deleted.

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This section also lets you permanently delete your recordings.

The Deleted Programs menu was added way back in 2012, so you might have been missing it for years.

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