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People are just noticing ‘life-changing’ Sky TV trick – and say they felt ‘like an idiot’ for not knowing it

SKY TV fans have just realised there’s an amazing trick to skip through adverts quicker.

The hack works for recorded programmes, broadcast shows you’ve started from the beginning or whenever you’re slightly behind on a live broadcast.


Press and hold the mic button on your Sky remote

As any telly lover will know in this situation, you can usually skip through the ads by fast forwarding as fast as you can.

But as TikToker Garethrb has found, there is actually a much quicker way.

And it’s all thanks to the Sky remote and the power of voice.

It turns out, among the many clever things you can tell your Sky remote to do, skipping ahead a certain amount is one of them.

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This means you can ask the device to jump three or four minutes ahead, which is about as long as the ads go on for.

While you’re unlikely to get bang on when the show resumes, it’s a lot easier than simply fast forwarding through the entire break.

Voice is available on remotes for Sky Q, Sky Glass and the firm’s latest TV tech Sky Stream.

“How did I not know that?” the TikToker said.

“Here’s me fast forwarding the adverts times 30 like a bloody idiot.

“You’ve no idea how much you’ve just changed my life.”

Though one commenter raised a crucial concern.

“How do you know though to skip 4min?” they replied.

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“Surely every channel has different lengths of time for adverts? I’d be scared I ended up missing the next part.”

The TikToker responded, saying: “I’m being safe and saying 3.”

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