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Sky TV viewers are just noticing secret menu that fixes a huge problem

Sky TV viewers are just noticing secret menu that fixes a huge problem

SAVVY Sky TV users are sharing a secret menu hack to others that can help fix connectivity issues.

The trick promises to help users to never suffer behind a buffer again.


One Sky Q Mini user was struggling with their connection even though the main box was plugged into their routerCredit: the sun

A Sky Q Mini box is a piece of kit Sky offers alongside the main Sky Q box.

It allows users to extend their Sky viewing into other rooms within the house.

But one Sky Q Mini user said they’ve “never” had a stable WiFi connection between the Mini and the main box – even though the main box was plugged into their router.

“I constantly get the “Connectivity Issues” warning on the Mini’s, so to fix them I have to pull the power cable out of the Mini’s and wait a few seconds before plugging them back in and waiting for them to load up again,” they wrote in a forum.

“I’ve now got to the point where I’m in the process of running network cables to the Mini’s to hopefully fix the issues once and for all.”

One tech expert advised the confused user to access the hidden Q box menu.

But first, users must connect their boxes to the Ethernet and then switch all Q box WiFi off.

“Start with main Q box and first carry out a Network reset with the Ethernet connected,” they explained.

Network Reset is found in Q box Home > Settings > Setup > Network.

Then highlight Status and select Reset on the right hand side.

Select the option to connect wired to a non Sky router, or Sky router if the user is on Sky Broadband.

“Do not carry out any WPS and just wait for the box to connect,” they added.

“It may take a couple of minutes. If it does not connect there is an issue with the Ethernet connection.

“As soon as it connects go into the Q box hidden menu and turn off WiFi.”

Then it’s time for the magic menu.

This is accessed via the remote by clicking Home > Settings > and pressing 0 0 1 > Select.

Next, go to Network to turn off both bands of WiFi.

The expert explained: “Repeat the network reset on any minis in the Mini Home menu with the Ethernet connected.

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“Do not do any WPS and just wait for it to connect.

“Once it is connected go into the mini hidden menu (same procedure as above) and turn off both bands of WiFi. Confirm before exit.”

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