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Sonic Frontiers — tips for beginners

SONIC Frontiers is out now, and despite some previous missteps in the series the Blue Blur is making a splash with fans.

It’s a bigger world than we’ve seen in a Sonic game before, with dozens of missions, combo-based combat, and even an RPG-style skill tree.


Frontiers has the biggest world of any Sonic game.Credit: Sonic Team

Sonic Frontiers is vastly different to any other game in the series, which has led players to become a bit confused.

We’ve broken down all the new features and mechanics, so you can zoom your way through Sonic Frontiers.

Upgrade your hog

A number of Sonic’s stats, such as his speed, ring capacity, and power can all be levelled up on your journey.

Completing missions, picking up collectibles and exploring the world, will reward you with different kinds of currency you can spend on upgrades.

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The tall, mossy, ruin-like creature, Hermit Koco, will upgrade your stats in return for these currencies.

Master you homing attack 

The homing attack is your primary attack, and it can be used for platforming as well as combat.

In battle, if the enemy isn’t attacking or defending, you can repeatedly use this attack for an easy kill.

Further attacks are unlocked through skills, so this is best saved for early on in your journey.

Learn your movement combos

Sonic Frontiers is all about platforming, and you will need to run around loops, home onto balloons, boost through the air, slam to the ground, grind on rails and more while exploring.

Some challenges are completed easily by mastering all the different movement combinations Sonic is capable of.

Pay close attention to the buttons you’re using when you encounter these sections.

Give yourself a boost

Boosting is done by holding down the right trigger, and this should be done as often as possible.

Sometimes you can boost infinitely, so make the most of this while you can.

Many challenges and bosses require you to use the boost almost constantly in order to get past them, so make sure to remember this button.

Burst through boost

Once you have the maximum number of rings, you can access a new attack called Burst Boost.

This is a stronger and faster version of the regular boost, and can power up your Cyloops.

Having a lower capacity can help with this, but having a large number of rings is also useful.

Unlock your Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is one of your unlockable skills, where Sonic unleashed a barrage of attacks at high speed.

It’s very powerful and can melt through enemies’ health bars.

This should be your primary attack against bosses, and one of the first skills you aim to unlock.

Speed up Cyloops

Cyloops are when you run around a foe and flip them over or damage them.

Some enemies require that you use this technique before you are even able to attack.

Press the Cyloop button mid-attack combo, and you will perform a Quick Cyloop, though it needs to be unlocked first.

Complete combat combos

The more skills you unlock, the more ways you can approach fights.

Most start off with your basic homing attack, and then swapping mid-combo to execute a different skill.

Homing attacks can be combined with ground slams, Cyloops or Sonic Booms for big damage.

Tackle tough terrain

Sonic is able to climb over pretty much any obstacle that crosses his path.

The more you explore a structure, the more springs, grind rails, and platforms you will find, which will allow you to explore further.

These tough-to-find areas often contain items which can be used to upgrade Sonic’s abilities, so they are well worth seeking out.

Complete ruins when you find them

Ruins are retro Sonic levels, or new stages in either 2D or 3D style.

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These give you four challenges, which will give you keys to progress further through the main story.

Try to tick all the boxes to give you the best chance to explore further.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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