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Sonos introduces new $429 Sub Mini subwoofer • TechCrunch

Sonos has a new sub in its lineup, and this one isn’t quite as prohibitively expensive: The $429 Sub Mini comes in at almost half the price of the more expensive existing $749 Sub — and is also roughly half the size.

The Sonos Sub Mini is specifically recommended by the company to accompany its smaller speakers (like the Beam, Ray, and One), and for smaller and medium-sized room. It’s roughly the size of a small waste bin, and the cylindrical design with the central cutout echoes the larger Sub’s look but in a package that’s probably much easier to integrate into your existing home decor.

The Sub Mini comes in either black or white, and goes on sale on October 6 in select markets in eluding the U.S., Canada, the UK and more.

The company has long been tipped to be working on this more compact subwoofer, and the cost savings in particular are bound to be welcome for Sonos customers looking to fill out their home surround system with something that doesn’t cost as much or more than other complete soundbar/sub combos from competing brands.

We’ll be checking out the new Sub Mini to see how it compares to the existing Sub and other surround setups, so stay tuned for that once its available.


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