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Stop watching ‘these’ videos on your smartphone today… Someone’s watching you… | Stop watching this video on your phone today otherwise your life will be in trouble

Adult content is completely banned in India. But despite this, the number of people who secretly watch such content is not less in India. But now this habit of yours may cost you dearly.

Stop watching these videos on your smartphone today

Nowadays, you won’t see a single person who owns a smartphone (Smartphone) will not exist. The entire world is using smartphones in large numbers today. Earlier the phone was used only for communication, but now the smartphone has become a major medium of entertainment. Everyone can do their digital work easily. A large number of people are using smartphones for many things including watching videos. Many people view adult content (Adult Content) use it to see. This type of content is completely banned in India (Ban), but still many people secretly watch such content.

Such people don’t know that AI Bots are watching such content. Today we are going to tell you about 4 such things that can get you in trouble if you watch adult content on your phone.

1) Viewing Paid Content : There are many people who are even willing to pay to watch such content. But this is the biggest danger. Because with this, the person giving you the relevant content can easily inject malware into your device and steal all your information. A bank account can be emptied.

2) Browsing History : Google has complete knowledge of what we are browsing on the net. If you’re viewing adult content, you’ll be shown ads designed based on your browsing patterns. Your social media is also closely monitored and ads are shown to you based on that.

3) Downloading files: Many times people download this type of file from porn websites and knowingly or unknowingly malware is downloaded along with the file. Through this your personal photos are stolen and you can be blackmailed.

4) Intelligence Agency : If you see adult content on your phone, intelligence agencies are also watching you. Your social media account is also closely monitored.

Meanwhile, if you go to a porn site and download a file from there, malware can be injected into your device. This malware starts spying on you. Also you can be blackmailed about your private photos.

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