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Streamer’s fish commit credit card fraud live on stream

A STREAMER’S fish revealed his credit card details to the public and spent money from his account on the Nintendo eShop.

In 2014, a social phenomenon was created when over a million people played Pokémon Red via Twitch chat.


The fish beating a gym leader.Credit: Mutekimaru / YouTube

Typing commands into chat simultaneously, the people controlled the character on screen until they finished the game in around 16 days.

People were surprised that Twitch chat was able to complete the game despite chaotic game inputs.

Since then people have been keen to mirror the event using random elements to complete games.

One popular method is using fish. Fish will swim around their tank as usual, and their movements are tracked by a camera.

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These movements are then converted to buttons on a controller and the fish play the game.

Streamer Mutekimaru had this system setup, and often left his stream running with his fish playing Pokémon Violet.

There is no Home button on his setup, so there is usually no way for his fish to enter the Nintendo eShop.

However, after the game crashed, the fish were sent to the Switch’s home screen where they were free to do as they pleased.

Mutekimaru had his credit card linked to his Nintendo account.

This meant that the fish could easily purchase items and games on the eShop, and when they did so Mutekimaru’s credit card details were shown on stream.

The fish purchased ¥500 (£3) in eShop credit, and bought an icon for 10 platinum points.

They also downloaded the N64 app, and changed his username, before shutting down the console.

Luckily, Mutekimaru received a notification on his phone that money had been spent, and was able to put a stop to it immediately.

Nintendo also issued a refund, though his credit card details can never be unseen.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of the GLHF.

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