‘Tablets’ and ‘smartphones’ can improve your memory skills; Research information | Tablets and smartphones can improve your memory skills in research


Human assistants: Tablets and smartphones can help improve human memory. Such information has been revealed through a research. Know what research is.

Mumbai : Instead of making people lazy or forgetful, smartphones and other digital devices can improve memory (Improve memory) help, a new study found. Findings published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology show that digital devices help people store important information (storing information) and help to remember any information. It also helps to remove less important information from the head. UCL research: “Storing information in a digital device can affect memory capacity (memory capacity) we wanted to know how the effect might be. So this study was done. The study found that devices like tablets and smartphones can be useful in improving human memory.

What did the research find?

“We found that when people were allowed to use the external memory, the device helped them remember the information stored in it,” the researchers said. It was amazing. But we also found that the device also improved people’s memory for information that wasn’t saved.

Unsaved information is also remembered

Technical experts have expressed concern that overuse of technology can destroy communication skills and lead to ‘digital dementia’. Meanwhile, the findings suggest that using a digital device as an external memory not only helps people remember information stored on the device, but also helps them remember information that is not stored.

Research done on humans

For the study, the researchers developed a memory task that could be run on a touchscreen digital tablet or computer. The test was conducted by 158 volunteers aged 18 to 71. Participants were shown 12 numbered circles on the screen and had to remember to drag some to the left and some to the right. Their pay was determined by dragging the number of circles they remembered to the right at the end of the experiment.

In the study, participants performed this task 16 times. They had to use their own memory to remember half of the trials and were allowed to set reminders on a digital device for the other half. The results found that participants used digital devices to store details of high-value circles, and when they did, their memory for those circles improved by 18 percent.

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