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TalkTalk reveals surprise new way your Wi-Fi router could save you hundreds on heating replacement

TALKTALK has come up with a unique way that could save you hundreds of pounds.

And it’s all thanks to your Wi-Fi router.


New scheme could save as much as £350Credit: PA:Press Association

Anyone who’s ever considered upgrading their home heating system to heat pumps will know that having a survey done isn’t free.

On average, surveys cost around £170 but can be as much as £350, according to TalkTalk.

However, your router can now help remove that costly task.

The telecom firm’s Wi-Fi Hub data can now be combined with smart metre data to help determine whether a heat pump is viable in your home or not.

Clever tech is able to build a complete picture of your household heating habits.

The idea is all part of a new a Government-backed trial with the University of Salford, Homely, EnAPPsys, Gen Game and Chameleon Technology (UK).

As a result, it’s hoped those who opt in will for the first time be able to easily determine whether a low-carbon heat pump is right for them, enabling British households to dramatically reduce their heating emissions whilst saving hundreds of pounds on costly and time-consuming property surveys.

“I’m thrilled that TalkTalk is a part of this initiative, furthering our commitment to embedding sustainability into our operations,” said Adam Dunlop, CEO of TalkTalk Consumer.

“TalkTalk is no stranger to being at the forefront of innovative tech, so it’s fantastic to see our TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub being utilised so creatively to promote sustainability.

“We’re proud to play a role in this fascinating collaboration that will benefit both consumers and the environment.”

For an average UK home, it’s currently about the same price to run a heat pump as a gas boiler, according to experts at Octopus Energy.

But If you completely give up gas and go for a heat pump, and have your gas meter removed, you could save £100 a year on standing charges for gas.

In the long-run you could also save on maintenance costs, as heat pumps have a longer lifespan than a gas boiler, and a lower risk of failure.

It is estimated that the lifespan of a heat pump is around 20 years compared with between ten and 15 years for a gas boiler, according to the Energy Savings Trust.

On average, boiler maintenance work costs around £288 a year, or £2880 over a decade, which you would also save by switching.

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