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iPhone | Will Tata Group now make Made in India iPhone? See what deals are in the works? | Tata group may assemble iPhone with Wistron to establish a joint venture

iPhone | According to the Reuters news agency, Tata Group will soon produce Apple in collaboration with Wistron India. If this deal goes through, the Tata group will manufacture Apple’s iPhone. iPhone has been manufactured in India since 2017.

Tata will manufacture the iPhone

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iPhone | If the deal goes through, the Tata Group soon (Tata Group) Soon your dream phone will produce an iPhone. According to the Reuters news agency, Tata Group along with Wistron India will soon own Apple (Apple) will produce. If this deal goes through, the Tata group will manufacture Apple’s iPhone. Since 2017 iPhone is being produced in India.

Assemble Unit

Tata Group under a joint venture with Taiwanese supplier Wistron Corp (Joint Venture) May start an assembly unit for Apple in the country. Wistron is a leader in technology based manufacturing. Tata Group will prove itself with them in manufacturing, chain distribution and assembling.

Production of iPhone since 2017

Production of iPhone has started in the country since 2017. First Wistron and then Foxconn started assembling units in India. The government is making efforts to encourage local producers. In this report, it has been clarified that there is no discussion between Wistron and the Tata Group over the Apple product.

Many options are considered

A number of other options have also been eyed for a tie-up between Wistron and the Tata group. Tata group to buy some stake in Wistron group. Both groups are preparing to start assembling units together. These two options are currently being worked on.

Option to invest in Wistron

At present, no official information has been received in this regard. According to sources, the Tata group will buy a share of Wistron’s production. The Tata Group may also consider leveraging the company’s technology. Targeting can be done not only on smartphone products but also on other products. Both the groups have not responded yet.

iPhone 14 production soon

After the production in China, the production of iPhone 14 will be started in India in just six weeks. iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are currently manufactured in the unit in the country.

Assembling in India too

iPhone SE and iPhone 12 are assembled at the Wistron factory in India. After China, the production of iPhone 14 will also start in India in the next six weeks.

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