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That Indian Way: ‘These’ habits of old generation smartphones will surprise you! | That Indian Way These Gen X smartphone habits will baffle you

From school-going children to grandparents, smartphones have become an integral part of life.

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Be it school-going children or grandparents, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life these days. The young generation has grown up with technology around them. But smartphone technology has progressed so fast that Gen X has seen everything from chunky plastic phones to the slick, slim smartphones of today. This begs the question, how do our parents, uncles and aunts use smartphones every day? One thing is for sure, that people (parents, uncles and aunts) use smartphones very carefully than the younger generation. Today’s young generation i.e. Gen Z literally blows up their phones, Gen X (the older generation) uses their phones very sparingly.

‘Love smartphone more than me!’

22-year-old Rohit shared his experience that my mother does not treat me with love, she uses my phone more gently. He is a writer. Surprisingly, the opposite is also true! People from Gen X (older generation) use smartphones to a point where people from the new generation (Gen Z) will think twice before using a phone. While doing daily tasks in the kitchen, they use smartphones to watch YouTube videos of new recipes. At such a time, the new generation definitely asks whether they should worry about their parents, uncles and aunts or their smartphones. Actually they care about both.

What about digital creators?

Funyasi, who works as a digital creator, faces this struggle every day with his mother. “I have no idea how many times my mother’s phone calls for dough, flour, salt or turmeric,” said Anjali, a 21-year-old post-graduate student.

Video calls are important

Due to the Corona epidemic and the subsequent lockdown, video calls have become very important for many families around the world to stay connected. But even without the lockdown, family video calls have become a part of Indian households. For the older generation (Gen X), this often means chatting with the camera too close to the face. Even while doing other tasks, his smartphone is seen to be kept at a different precarious angle. R says that your mother cares more about her smartphone than you do. J. Karishma is amused.

Amazing generation

Looking at the reels of Vishnu Kaushal, do you think he is keeping an eye on you and your mother? His videos are accurate. Jokes aside, the older generation (Gen X) is a truly amazing generation. He has learned so many new technologies in such a short time. From personal computers to smartphones, as well as other gadgets like tablets and smartwatches, the older generation has gradually adapted to the latest in technology.

Help protect the device from scratches and drops

Although some things about the electronics seem a little ‘off’, this Gen X knows exactly what they want in their devices. That’s why they prefer smartphones with Corning Gorilla Glass. They use glass that helps protect their devices from scratches and drops in daily use. This is not surprising. Saurabh Ghadge’s saying that parents know best is very true!

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