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The biggest ‘camera sensor’ in the history of smartphones will be launched, Samsung will introduce 200MP mobile! | The biggest camera sensor in the history of smartphones will be launched Samsung will introduce 200MP mobile

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Smartphone technology is one of the fastest changing technologies. Now a new chapter will be added to the world of smartphones, which will appear in the camera setup. In fact, the 200-megapixel camera is going to make a splash in the mobile market.

Smartphone technology is considered to be the fastest changing technology. Now in the world of smartphones (Smartphones) A new experiment is about to be realized. Which will appear in the camera setup of the mobile. So far the smartphone has a camera up to 108 megapixels (108MP camera phone). First of all, a 200-megapixel camera will appear in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This information has been published by the South Korean publication ET News. According to reports, a new version of the 200-megapixel sensor will be completed and will be built into the flagship smartphone in the future. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone has a 200-megapixel camera on the back panel (200-megapixel camera) Can be used. The mobile division and the electro mechanics division are jointly developing the camera. Where the mobile department will work 30 percent, the electro mechanics department (Department of Electro Mechanics) Will work 70 percent.

In 2020 came the 108 megapixel camera

In 2020, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 108 megapixels. Now a few years later in 2023, the company will release a 200 megapixel sensor. It will be a flagship smartphone, which will be introduced along with many other special camera sensors.

Announcement of large sensors in 2021

Samsung announced in 2021 its 200MP camera sensor, ISOCELL HP1. Other brands like Motorola and Xiaomi have already decided to include Samsung’s 200MP sensor before the company uses it on one of its devices.

Samsung S23 Ultra has a 200 megapixel camera

According to a report, Samsung is upgrading its high-resolution camera sensor to include the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone as the primary camera. The upgraded 200MP sensor will be known as ISOCELL HP3.

New processor in Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung may use Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor or in-house chipset in its flagship lineup of smartphones next year, according to leaked reports so far, the company will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset.

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