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The Quest Store has a very good New Year’s sale going on.

The Quest Store

The Quest Store is offering a lot of VR games and experiences at a discount for its New Year’s sale, which lasts until January 2nd, 2022.

Some of my favorite titles like Job Simulator, Arizona Sunshine, and Gorn have their prices slashed by up to 35 percent. Job Simulator is a place where you can do your job as horribly as you want without any real consequences, while Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooter with a surprisingly decent story, and Gorn lets you take your anger out gladiator style, complete with mace-swinging. I find all of them to be pretty therapeutic (although they aren’t the newest games to come out for the Quest).

There are also several themed game bundles for sale, such as the Thrilling Adventures Pack, which includes I Expect You to Die 2, A Township Tale, and Stride at a sale price of $39.99 instead of $49.97. The Challenge Yourself Pack also contains three games — Pistol Whip, Real VR Fishing, and In Death: Unchained — at a discounted price of $59.99, compared to the original $75.97 price tag.

The Must-Play Friendly Challenges and Must-Play Party Games packs are both offered at a 19 percent discount. While the Must-Play Friendly Challenges bundle comes with Clash of Chefs VR and Mini Motor Racing X for $27.99, the Must-Play Party Games bundle includes Chess Club and Skyword: Kingdom Brawl for $19.99.

Purchasing a pack, especially when it’s at a discount, could come in handy if you need games for a new Quest 2. If you happen to own one of the games in the bundle you’re purchasing, that price will automatically be docked from your total order, so you won’t be paying for the same game twice. You can also choose to gift a game to a friend by hitting “Buy for a Friend” and entering your recipient’s email during checkout.

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