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In this village in India, everyone wants to be a YouTuber, YouTube channel is the main source of employment! | The village of Youtubers in India Tulsi village in Chattisgarh

There is even a village in India where YouTube channel is the main business of that village. How can such a big revolution happen in such a small village?

YouTuber’s village

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Mumbai, Topics range from the streets to Delhi YouTube Information about what happened above. Be it education or entertainment, technology or agriculture every field of knowledge is available on YouTube. Although this is a free medium to get information, YouTube channels (channel) Many people have become millionaires through it. After the advent of Jio an unprecedented revolution took place in India and now almost everyone is an internet user. Many have taken advantage of this and started their own YouTube channel and it has become a major source of income for many, but there is a village in India where every household has a YouTuber. (Village of YouTuber). You might not believe that YouTube channel is the main business in that town. But this is true.

Where is this village?

Tulsi located in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh (Tulsi Village Chattisgarh) The village is in discussion due to special reasons. This village has come to be known as YouTube Village or YouTube Hub. The total population of this village is around 3 thousand and most of the people here are earning from social media platforms by becoming YouTubers. Being a YouTuber in the village started with two friends. Gyanendra Shukla and Jay Verma had decided to quit their jobs as network engineers and teachers to become YouTubers. Other people of the village were also inspired by seeing him.

40 percent of people became youtubers

According to the information provided by Gyanendra, he was previously working as a network engineer in SBI. He used to watch a lot of YouTube during his free time at the office. He decided to quit his job and become a YouTuber in 2011-12 when he got inspiration from YouTube.

Now 40 percent of the population of this village have become YouTubers and are creating content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc. Everyone in the village, from a 15-year-old grandson to an 85-year-old grandmother, is making YouTube videos.

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People’s monthly income increased

People make educational and entertainment related videos here. Some channels have more than 1 lakh subscribers. Jai Verma said that as a teacher, where earlier he could earn only Rs 10-12 thousand, he now earns Rs 30-35 thousand a month through YouTube.

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