WhatsApp will have three new features, users will get this benefit These three features are newly introduced in WhatsApp users will get this benefit



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With Emoji Reaction, WhatsApp users can now transfer files up to 2 GB on the messaging app. With this, you can now add up to 512 members to the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp is currently widely used for messaging in India.whatsapp) Is being used. The company has added some new features to enhance the messaging experience. Before this I message (iMessage) Were seen doing similar emoji reactions. But WhatsApp has made this feature official. Through which users will now be able to react to messages through emojis. With the new reaction, WhatsApp users will be able to transfer files up to 2 GB on the messaging app. In addition, WhatsApp users have access to 512 members in the WhatsApp group (group members) Advertising facility will also be available. Meanwhile, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the first to announce on his Facebook account that emoji reactions would be rolled out to users on WhatsApp.

Emoji reaction feature

The Emoji Reaction feature is available on WhatsApp’s Competitive Signals, Telecom, iMessage. Other Meta-owned messaging platforms also have emoji reaction features. Can work most of the time on this feature of WhatsApp. This time testers have seen this feature on the app during the beta test. WhatsApp claims that this messaging app feature will be based on the latest version.

File transfer up to 2GB

WhatsApp has introduced the facility to transfer files up to 2GB at a time in the app. These files will have end-to-end encryption. In the previous setup, users were limited to 100 MB transfers at a time. But now this limit has been increased. It is said that users will no longer have any problem sending various videos and files. WhatsApp, meanwhile, recommends using WiFi when sending these files.

Increase in member limit

The number of WhatsApp group members has also been increased. Users can now join up to 512 people in a group. Currently there is a limit of 256 people per group. However, WhatsApp has stated that this feature will not be offered immediately. It is said that WhatsApp will gradually roll out some of these new features.

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