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Warning for ALL Instagram users – you might be making a very dangerous mistake

SHOWING off great life events on social media can be tempting but it could also be feeding thieves crucial information.

Whether it’s a lavish gift, or a fancy night out, all can be big pointers for crooks.


Think again about what you post…Credit: Alamy

One robber has revealed to Vice the shockingly easy tricks they use on Instagram to target influencers.

“They so much want fame, that they put themselves in danger,” the anonymous criminal says.

“People are trying to be up with the Kardashians.”

So what should you consider when posting stuff online?

Sharing your location in posts

When you put your location in a post you could be exposing more than you intend to.

According to the thief, you can sometimes unintentionally reveal your address when tagging the area in your posts.

“If you go into their live pin, sometimes their address is in there,” they reveal.

Some viral posts on TikTok and Instagram itself have misunderstood this to mean that a cyber spy can obtain your location at any time.

So it’s worth noting that no-one can simply search you on Instagram and get your live location – you’re only potentially exposing such information if you aren’t careful when tagging your location in posts, and that is something you do yourself, not the app.

Flashy jewellery

If you’re flashing a Rolex and other luxuries, you’re making yourself a target.

Another tactic the crook reveals is posts from nights out.

If you’ve posted pictures of your car in the past and then share a snap at a club, they could head over and find your vehicle.

“We have to find out which club they’re at, fling a tracker under their car,” they say.

What to do to stay safe

If your Instagram account gives off a mega rich vibe, crooks could be watching.

They easily use fake accounts to keep up with what you have and what you’re up to.

So maybe think again before showing off the super expensive stuff.

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Tagging locations is fine but ensure that it’s very general areas and not giving away too much – especially not specific things like your address.

If you want to be on the safe side, just don’t tag your location at all.

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