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Urgent alert for ALL Android users – change three settings now to stay safe

ANDROID is full of useful settings to keep your smartphone safe.

The Google-owned operating system is the biggest in the world – yes, even bigger than Apple’s iOS, because it’s not locked to one type of smartphone.


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One of the major differences it has versus the iPhone’s operating system is that it is open source.

Some argue that’s better because it means you have more freedom with how you use your device.

It means, for example, you can download apps outside of Google’s Play Store – something you can’t do on an iPhone.

This also opens you up hackers a lot more, which is why you hear of a lot more dubious apps on Android, compared to iOS which is heavily controlled by Apple.

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Thankfully, Google have built a fair few settings to help protect you from such threats, and here are three worth looking at.

Scan your apps with Play Protect

Google will scan all apps you have already installed on your phone for you with an option called Play Protect.

Even apps you’ve downloaded outside of Google Play.

It actually works away in the background automatically and will alert you if anything suspicious is detected, like malware.

But you can summon the tool and carry out a quick scan at anytime you like.

Simply open the Google Play Store and tap your Google account profile photo.

Look for Play Protect.

Tap the Scan button and await the results.

Enhanced protection on Chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser which makes it a juicy target for hackers.

That aside, the internet is unfortunately filled with nasty threats emerging all the time.

To help you stay safe, Google has built something called Enhanced protection into Chrome.

The tech giant describes this as “faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads and extensions”.

It’ll warn you about password breaches, for example.

Note, it does mean some browsing data needs to be sent to Google.

If you want to switch it on, open your Chrome app and go to the Settings.

Tap Privacy and security, then Safe Browsing, where you can select it.

Create a safe folder

There are some files and photos you probably don’t want on full view.

Fortunately, it’s possible to give them a bit of extra security in the form of a safe folder.

You can do this by opening the Files by Google app – you might have to install it from the Google Play Store first.

Tap Browse at the bottom.

Find the option called Safe folder.

Choose whether you want to lock it with a PIN or a pattern.

Set up your security option.

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Now you can move any files into it where they will be kept extra private.

Note: if you uninstall the Files by Google app, any files kept within it will be lost, so be sure to remove them first if you do.

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