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Over three million pensioners play video games every day

MORE than three million pensioners play video games such as Fortnite every day.

A fifth dipped into Call of Duty and the like for the first time during lockdowns due to boredom.


Eight per cent of the 80 and overs play games every dayCredit: Getty

Getting on for half — 44 per cent — took up the hobby to “keep their mind sharp” and a fifth to keep up with their ­grandkids, often in multi-player games, a Samsung poll found.

It saw 2,000 over-65s quizzed.

Eight per cent of the 80 and overs played games every day.

That translates to 240,000 of the three million UK total.

Some 36 per cent of the 65 to 80 group also play — or 2.8million out of the eight million UK total.

Added together, it means more than three million OAPs reach for a phone, laptop or console every day to game.

Lawrence Groom, 73, of ­Harrow, North West London, plays video games with his two grandkids, who are 12 and 14.

He said: “I started by playing chess with the older one, but the younger one got me into Fortnite and I was blown away.

“I’ve never played anything like it! I’ve even tried Grand Theft Auto. It is a bit violent but it’s great fun driving around and running people over!”

Samsung said: “Grandparents’ love of virtual gaming started in the last couple of years.

“The power of connection that technology can bring was ­evident during the pandemic.

“It’s incredible to see the older generation embracing the virtual world and continuing new habits formed over the past few years.”

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