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Top eight Temtem as rated by a competitive player

MUCH like a similar Pocket Monster battling series, Temtem has a number of options for competitive play.

Ranked leagues and clan leagues will challenge the most hardened of Temtem tamers and getting to the top is no easy task.

While teams are made up of six, there are eight on offer here as your team composition is more important than the Temtem themselves.

If you want to hold your own in Temtem, these are the ones to catch.

8. Babawa


Babawa is a defensive tank.Credit: Humble Bundle

Much like Pokémon, defensive Temtem that stall out your opponent’s attacks make for strong competitive strategy.

Babawa has two 4x resistances to the common Water and Earth types, and only on 4x weakness to Toxic.

Its trait Mucous not only grants you 30% damage reduction from Electric attacks, but it also gives immunity to Freeze and Burn.

Each team should have around three or four supportive Temtem, and Babawa is a strong choice for this.

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Location: Babwa can be found at the Flywalk, located next to Mokupuni on Omniesia island.

7. Hazrat

Hazrat offers support while being Toxic.


Hazrat offers support while being Toxic.

There aren’t a huge number of Toxic Temtem that are viable in competitive play, despite their helpful ability to deal damage over time.

Hazrat’s unique Toxic/Fire typing makes it stand out with a strong combination of resistances.

Contagious is the trait that you want to use here, as Pursuit’s poisoning effect catching retreating Temtem can be invaluable.

Another support Temtem that should be one of the three or four placed on your team.

Location: Hazrat can be found in the Sewers of Properton, located on the island of Arbury.

6. Gyalis

Gyalis is a strong offensive Temtem.


Gyalis is a strong offensive Temtem.

Gyalis is an offensive Temtem with great speed and attack stats, allowing it to sweep opposing teams.

The Mirroring trait is both unique and powerful, giving a 35% chance to reflect special attack damage back on opponents

Gyalis is also Crystal type, which will add some variety to your team.

If you choose to use Gyalis, you should only use one or two other offensive Temtem on your team.

Location: Gyalis can be found at the Mines of Mictlan on the island of Tucma, just south of Quetzal.

5. Golzy

Golzy is strong is you need an Electic type.


Golzy is strong is you need an Electic type.

If you want a powerhouse of an Electric Temtem on your team, Golzy is a strong choice.

The Diffuser trait negates the opponent’s item when Golzy attacks, adding a strong tool to your assault.

While Golzy isn’t the strongest Temtem, it’s good for coverage, and would work as one of two or three attackers on your team.

Location: You cannot find Golzy in the wild, but its pre-evolution Sparzy can be found in Iwabe in the wilderness south of Neodo.

4. Kinu

Kinu is the best healer in the game.


Kinu is the best healer in the game.

Kinu is one of the most versatile support Temtem that can work on pretty much any team.

It’s a great healer, and also has a nice selection of support moves, such as sleep.

The trait to choose is Protector as it provides bonuses every time Kinu is swapped into battle.

Benefactor is the lesser used trait but does provide healing over time.

Kinu would be one of the three or four support Temtem you bring to your team.

Location: Kinu only has a 5% spawn rate, meaning it is a difficult Temtem to find. It’s located in Giant Banyan at Citerior Omninesia.

3. Rhoulder

Rhoulder is both offensive and defensive.


Rhoulder is both offensive and defensive.

Rhoulder is one of the strongest offensive Temtem in the game, and it also offers strong defense and HP.

The downside is that it has shockingly low speed, meaning you’ll usually be the last to attack.

Its trait, Tardy Rush, will negate this a little, as both its speed and attack are boosted after three turns.

If you join the competitive scene, you will see Rhoulder used on a lot of teams as one of their main offensive Temtem.

Location: Rhoulder also has a 5% spawn rate in the Tasa Desert, found between the two dark U-shaped marks on the map.

2. Tulcan

Tulcan resists a number of common types.


Tulcan resists a number of common types.

While Tulcan has average stats, it is only weak to Water and Electric types, while resisting Wind, Fire, Nature and Crystal.

Both traits can be used, though Heater is usually used more than Pyromanic.

Heater will burn both opponents when Tulcan enters the battle, making it incredibly powerful. 

Location: Tulcan can only be caught by bringing a Tuwai to the Altar of the Inner Flame in the Anak Volcano on the island of Omninesia.

1. Yowlar

Yowlar is overall the strongest Temtem.


Yowlar is overall the strongest Temtem.

Yowlar is a must-have Temtem for any competitive team, with its amazing base stats.

It can take hits from even super-effective attacks and keep on standing.

The trait Cold-blooded will shut down teams based on Freeze.

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Comebacker will boost Yowlar’s attack stat, forcing opponents to focus on Yowlar.

Location: Yowlar is found on the island of Kisiwa, in the Barafu Glacier just past Nuru Lodge.

Written by Georgina Young and Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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