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The top TEN Premier League players as ranked in FIFA 23

FIFA 23’s release date is fast approaching, and fans are excited to see how their favourite players will be ranked. 

EA Sports has not only adjusted player ratings based on their performance last season.


FIFA 23 launches at the end of the month.Credit: EA Sports

Transfers will mean that players will perform differently based on their new teams.

The top ten players have seen changes from FIFA 22, and five Premier League teams are dominating the top spots.

Find out if your favourite player or team is included in FIFA 23’s top ten. 

10. Erling Braut Haaland – 88 – Manchester City

Haaland has proved his place early on in the season.


Haaland has proved his place early on in the season.

Manchester City is lucky enough to have a few 88 rated players on their side. 

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While Rúben Dias, Bernardo Silva, and João Cancelo all also rank at 88, we’ve picked Haaland due to his dominating start to the season.

He has scored nine goals in his first five matches with City, including a hat trick against Nottingham Forest leading to a 6 – 0 win.

Haaland was a great purchase by Man City, and it seems he’s fitting in well with his new side.

9. Alisson – 89 – Liverpool

Alisson remains one of the Premier League's best goalies.


Alisson remains one of the Premier League’s best goalies.Credit: AFP

Alisson has been dominating the goal recently, in particular in Liverpool’s 9 – 0 win against Bournemouth. 

He’s also a seasoned Liverpool player being part of the team since 2018.

Alisson is rated 89, which is the same as his FIFA 22 rating, but letting in two goals against Man Utd in their last match has seen Liverpool slip down the tables.

Still a strong choice for FUT, and one of the best goalies the game has to offer.

8. Ederson – 89 – Manchester City

It's rare that Ederson lets one slip past.


It’s rare that Ederson lets one slip past.Credit: Getty

Haaland’s goal-scoring skills aren’t the only reason for Man City’s success so far this season. 

They haven’t lost a single game out of their first six and that’s down to Ederson’s impeccable keeping ability.

He’s kept his high ranking from FIFA 23, and has been with City for five seasons making 188 league appearances for the team to date.

Certainly a player to look out for when building your FUT. 

8. Son Heung-min – 89 – Tottenham Hotspur

Son makes a great duo with Kane.


Son makes a great duo with Kane.Credit: Getty

Son is another player who has seen success with his team since joining seven years ago.

He remains in equally amazing form as he was last year, forming a fearsome duo with fellow goal-scorer Harry Kane.

While he hasn’t scored yet this season but has delivered a number of assists which have given Tottenham the edge.

A true team player, and an important part of Spurs’ attacking half. 

6. N’Golo Kanté – 89 – Chelsea

Kanté hopes to overcome injury this season.


Kanté hopes to overcome injury this season.Credit: Getty

When it comes to the midfield, N’Golo Kanté is practically unbeatable.

Another player that is comfortable with his club having been a part of Chelsea since 2016.

He’s down one point this season which stops him from taking one of the top spots due to a number of injuries he suffered last year.

Hopefully, he’s over the worst of it, and will return to his dominating position this year.

5. Harry Kane – 89 – Tottenham Hotspur

Kane continues to dominate English football.


Kane continues to dominate English football.Credit: Getty

The top English player in the Premier League this season, and one of the best goal scorers in the world, Harry Kane remains strong this season.

Scoring five goals in the Premier League already this season, with the help of teammate Son, he remains dominant in the game.

Kane is not only the third-best goal-scorer of all time in the Premier League, but he has also been England’s captain for four years.

A difficult man to beat, especially when paired with another great assist player. 

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – 90 – Manchester United

Ronaldo has slipped down a few places since last year.


Ronaldo has slipped down a few places since last year.Credit: PA

Fans were devastated to see Ronaldo drop a point from his dominating position in FIFA 22, though it is likely due to his age.

At 37, he is the oldest player in the top ten, however he continues to be one of the Premier League’s best players.

Only joining Man Utd last year, he was a strong purchase for the team that is limited in its high-rated players.

Fourth is still a strong position for the Portuguese player, and not one to be overlooked.

3. Mohamed Salah – 90 – Liverpool

Salah isn't afraid to get involved.


Salah isn’t afraid to get involved.

With 120 goals out of 186 league appearances for Liverpool, it’s easy to see why Salah is so highly rated in the Premier League.

Salah may be down one point from last season but he remains one of Liverpool’s strongest players. 

He has twice been voted one of FIFA’s top three players. The only other player for an English club to break the top three is teammate van Dijk.

While many goal scorers are present in the top ten, Salah is simply the best.

2. Virgil van Dijk – 90 – Liverpool

Van Dijk is thought of as the world's best defender.


Van Dijk is thought of as the world’s best defender.Credit: AFP

Maintaining his impressive 90 rating from last year, Virgil van Dijk is not only one of Liverpool’s best players, but also the Premier League.

He’s one of the world’s best defenders, and one of the few who have ever reached top-rated FIFA play.

Liverpool paid a whopping £75million for van Dijk back in 2018, a record for a defender at the time.

He was certainly worth the money as he keeps Liverpool in a strong position in the Premier League.

1. Kevin De Bruyne – 91 – Manchester City

De Bruyne maintains his strong position in FIFA 23.


De Bruyne maintains his strong position in FIFA 23.Credit: Reuters

The only 91-rated player in FIFA 23’s Premier League, no one else could take the top spot other than Kevin De Bruyne. 

Often described as the “complete footballer” De Bruyne is not only one of the best in the Premier League but also the world.

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He plays strongly even with his weaker foot, and has already scored four goals in the first 24 minutes of a Premier League match this season.

De Bruyne is truly the one to look out for when you’re opening your FUT packs.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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