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Twitter is telling users that they’re over the daily tweet limit • TechCrunch

Twitter users have seen their fair share of erratic policy changes and weird bugs lately, but today they can’t even tweet through it.

Many users reported that they were suddenly unable to tweet on Wednesday, starting around 2PM PT. Right now, the bug appears to be affecting all non-scheduled tweets. Tweets that were scheduled previously or ones scheduled moving forward still seem to get through, from our testing. The error is consistent across the web and mobile versions of the app.

Twitter tweet limit test

On mobile, users are seeing an error stating that Twitter wasn’t “able to send your Tweet.” On web, users are seeing an error informing them that they’ve exceeded the tweet limit — a message that suggests this could be an error or bug related to Twitter’s API configurations somehow.

Twitter actually does have a daily tweet limit but you won’t exceed it until you cross the threshold of 2,400 tweets in a single day. Based on the experience of having tweeted zero times today before receiving the error, something appears to be quite wrong on the platform at the moment.

Many users are also reporting problems with sending direct messages on Twitter. When we tried to send a test DM for this story, the page failed to load and displayed an error message.

Twitter acknowledged the widespread issues on Wednesday afternoon but has yet to offer specifics about what was wrong or when it would be resolved.


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