Two Useful Websites for Programmers


Here we are going to Know about Two Useful Websites for Programmers and most Powerful Websites

Do you know there are many websites that help programmers and websites that contain open source projects. Yes, there are countless websites and many Apps in AppStore and Playstore to help Programmers in their programming work regarding coding errors, help with logic, to help new programmers and to do more.

In between all these countless websites there are two most powerful and very useful Websites that help in solving every issue that you encounter in your projects. There are answers given by expert programmers and coders to many Questions asked by many new programmers.

Now Let’s know about those two most Useful Websites for Programmers.

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Stack Overflow :

The First Website and best of all is Stack Overflow. This is the website that is most useful for every programmer. For sure there will be a solution for every problem that you encounter while coding. Stack Overflow is the Ultimate website that helps every programmer and coder.

There are millions of questions about programming errors and believe each question has a minimum of three answers. Yes, Every question has a minimum of three answers and each answer is very different because they are from different Programming Experts.

Apart from Questions and Answers, there are some awesome cool features like Voting a Question, Accepting an answer, Voting of answers, Reputation, Badges, Impact, Bookmarks, Following, Bounties, Tags, and many more.

Github :

The Second Website is Github. The parent company of this Github is Microsoft. This is the best website for Open source Projects. Yes, You can download the whole source code of any project hosted on Github, but only under the License, they mention under every repository.

Not only downloading you can also upload repositories to the Github. Here also there are some cool features. You can create teams for your projects. , invite members to your project for their contribution, create as many as repositories you can, host any language projects like C++, PHP, Java, Python, and more, create an issue in the project’s Issues section.

You can learn Python here


Not only these there are many countless websites that help programmers to solve their programming issues/errors. But these two are most Useful websites for every programmer. So Visit them Once if you are a Programmer.


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